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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Charmaine Sheh doesn’t care about flirting rumors with 4 men

Charmaine Sheh doesn’t care about flirting rumors with 4 men 
Michael Miu & Jamie Chik speaks up for her 

[Mingpao 08/01/2013]

On the memorable date of 201314 (Love You Forever), Michael Miu held a 50th birthday party for his wife Jamie Chik at Happy Valley Clubhouse and also to celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary. Many of their good friends in the entertainment circle were invited. Yesterday a tabloid published pictures taken during the banquet at cover photo and accused Charmaine of flirting with four men, including the married Hu Jun, Michael Tse, Joe Ma and also TVB siusang Raymond Lam. In the pictures, Charmaine was laughing and chatting with them and appeared to be closest with Hu Jun, hugging and kissing the cheek. Meanwhile ‘Chok King’ Raymond Lam exchanged flirting glances and held Charmaine’s hand. Michael Tse and Joe Ma chatted with Charmaine and she laughed hard at their teasing. 

Yesterday Michael Miu denounced that the tabloid made up stories, turning a happy event into Charmaine pursuing guys. “I’m so angry! This was supposed to be a private party to leave a beautiful memory for my wife. Shameless tabloid and paparazzi that has no consideration for other people’s feelings. They randomly took pictures and wrote nonsense! Ridiculous!” Jamie Chik also defended Charmaine: “I’ve known Charmaine for many years; she is a confident and optimistic person. She’s honest and loyal to friends. In acting career, she constantly improves herself in order to reach where she is today. All these accomplishment are through her hard work. There’s a lot of examples like this, they were not given truthful report but instead was framed by malicious stories! I’m speechless; I can only provide my unlimited support (to Charmaine)!” 

On the contrary, Charmaine comforted Michael Miu and Jamie Chik; asking them not to get upset: “Sam Gor (Michael’s nickname), don’t let these nonsense report affect your mood! You have given us guests a beautiful memory that day.”

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In the interview clip above, Raymond said he's been good friends with Charmaine for a long time. She's one of his best chemistry onscreen partner and because they're so close, he sees her as a guy (LOL!). He complimented that Charmaine is loyal to her friends.

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