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Thursday, December 20, 2012

[When Heaven Burns] won Best Series in TVB Anniversary Awards

Charmaine Sheh fans complaining about TVB's fake 'People's Choice', Best Drama re-airing on New Year 

[Mingpao 19.12.2012] 

This year, in TVB's new format of one vote per person in 3 categories (Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Series), only the result of [When Heaven Burns] winning Best Series was deemed closest to people's choice. At the same time, TVB will be re-airing [WHB] in new year during midnight slot for audience to revisit the series again. 

Unforgettable sadness 

Netizens has always supported [WHB] to win, therefore everyone was pleased and the series once again was hotly discussed including golden phrases from the series, which a lot of people resonates with. However, netizens also feel that [WHB] still being unforgettable one year after its airing is actually a sadness, because it reflect the sentiments of people dissatisfied with government. However, no matter if you are satisfied or disatified, the series broke the mould and paved way for new genre. 

Though Charmaine Sheh won Best Actress in Mingpao poll, she lost to Tavia Yeung in TVB's one vote per person voting. Charmaine's fans pointed out in weibo that if TVB refused to reveal the votes amount, then they should not use the title of 'people's choice' and indicate that Charmaine doesn't need their award to validate her acting. On the other hand, Charmaine posted weibo message of "I love WHB, I love you all!" after WHB won Best Series last evening.

Charmaine Sheh has the most votes?

[Apple Daily 19.12.2012]

According to TVB, the total public votes for TVB anniversary award this year amount to 1,542,922 people. The new TV King Wayne Lai garnered 114,947 votes while TV Queen Tavia Yeung got 110,795 votes. Meanwhile Best Series [When Heaven Burns] received 84,472 votes. Netizens feel suspiscious of the vote amount and during phone interview with TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming, he explained: "Those who participated in voting doesn't necessary vote in all 3 category, they can vote for one category only. There were a total of 10 nominees for Best Actor and Best Actress respectively while 24 nominees for Best Series. With 44 selection, the vote distribution is correct."

Meanwhile, a TVB insider claimed that Charmaine Sheh actually had more votes than Tavia Yeung but in the end the award went to the latter. Netizens requested for TVB to reveal the votes, but Tsang declined: "We will not reveal the votes."

Do not repost. 

Congratulations to WHB team! Producer Jonathan Chik will be leaving TVB end of this month and he will be starting a production studio with Scriptwriter Chow Yuk Ming. They hope to produce more daring concept and collaborate again with WHB cast. Let's look forward to their new project!

p.s. Apart from Mingpao, Charmaine was also voted Best Actress in Yahoo! Buzz 2012 Award. 

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