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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Kevin Cheng want to invite Charmaine Sheh to collaborate in his own production

[ 08/12/2012]

Note: I only translate parts related to Charmaine only.

During the Shanghai TV Festival this year, Kevin Cheng revealed that he is setting up his own production studio. Apart from acting, he is also interested in becoming a businessman and investing in drama productions. He joked that he will be seeking experience from Nicky Wu. Half a year has passed and Kevin has already decided on his first production: "I'm currently selecting scripts, if things go accordingly we will start filming latter half next year. It's considered my first series as a producer."

It was said that TVB intended to pair Kevin with Charmaine in their series next year, but Kevin has declined and was criticized for putting up diva attitude. However, yesterday Kevin firmly denied and said that he intended to recruit Charmaine for his own production: "That (rumor) was created by HK media, I never said that. We are still good friends. In fact I planned to invite her to collaborate (in his produced series), of course it will have to depend whether she has available schedule."

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Sehseh: A few days ago, a tabloid published that Kevin rejected a series offered by Catherine Tsang because the intended female lead will be Charmaine. Kevin official reply today proved that it was just malicious rumors by HK tabloid, in addition Charmaine has indicate that she has not received script of the said TVB series. On a side note, speaking of production house there are rumors that Charmaine has set up her own production studio in Mainland China and the first series she is producing will be the upcoming modern series 'Red Wine Beauty' starring Roy Qiu. It's still unconfirmed and Charmaine is expecting to make a formal announcement soon. Let's just wait and see :) 

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