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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Apple Daily TVB Anniversary Award Voting

Feeling snubbed that you are not able to vote for your favorite actor and series? Want to support Charmaine but couldn't because you are not HK citizen? Distrust TVB as they are not disclosing the live voting, and they can manipulate the results?

Well, Appledaily just answered our prayers. They are currently running a open voting whereby we will be able to vote for our Best Actor, Actress & Series just like the TVB anniversary version. In addition, they created 3 'Worst' category award, which satisfies audiences who are jaded with some TVB (or HK TV) cliche acts. 

The voting result is totally LIVE and unlike TVB 'cover act', you can see the true sentiments from the public. Ready to vote?

Charmaine is nominated in Best Actress Category (refer to image below)
Click on Charmaine to vote - careful, do not mistakenly click on other actresses pic.

Next is Best Series Award - When Heaven Burns is nominated. Again click on button to vote.

Charmaine and When Heaven Burns are leading at the moment. Please spare 5 mins and show your support for her if you can't vote in (HK citizen only).

Also, if you are interested in the other categories, they are:

Worst Scenes (ATV Anniversary show is leading)
Worst Actor (Wong Ching from ATV protest fiasco)
Worst Actress (Niki Chow)
Best Actor (Raymond Lam)

Note: Results at time of posting. Because of strong support by HK netizens, When Heaven Burns are leading the polls. Bowie is also climbing up in Best Actor category. Yeah, let's crush TVB with netizen power!

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