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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Samantha Ko robbed Charmaine Sheh of lucky bridal bouquet

[Oriental Daily, The Sun 17/11/2012]

Last evening, Angela Tong and Chin Ka Lok held a wedding banquet of 55 tables at Hotel Intercontinental. A lot of friends from entertainment business attended the banquet, including many big stars. One of the highlight of the wedding banquet is the bridal bouquet catching. Emcees King Kong and Toby Leung  hyped up the atmosphere by asking single ladies such as Charmaine Sheh, Samantha Ko and Emily Kwan to participate in the event. Afterward, many single ladies surged forward and standby to catch the bouquet. Jacky Chan took part in the revelry by standing up on his chair and shouted that he want to participate as well.

Charmaine and Samantha stood in the frontline with their evening dress. Other guests started to push Charmaine forward, hoping to create another bride in the making. Charmaine appeared to be embarrassed. Bride Angela intended to aim the bridal bouquet toward Charmaine, but in the end the taller Samantha  standing two spot away outstretched her right hand and successfully snatched the bouquet! Samantha jumped triumphantly and hugged the bouquet, seemingly very desperate to get married. Afterward, the guests teased her of being impatient and aggressive. Later, Samantha said: “This is my 2nd time catching the bridal bouquet; the 1st time was during Skye Chan wedding. Friends told me not to catch for the 3rd time. It’ll be great if I meet a good match, but now my career comes first.” Samantha said she has no boyfriend and joked that Toby should introduce one to her.

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Sehseh: Pfft... Samantha is such a party pooper. Obviously Angela and the other girls have planned for Charmaine to catch the bouquet (friends like Ka Lok, Timmy Hung, Florence Kwok has been dropping major hints that Charmaine has found her Mr Right). Well, the superstition say that the girl that catches the bouquet will get married within a year, or be jinxed to be single the next 3 years. Am I too mean to wish 1+1: 6 years for Samantha? LOL...

By the way, Angela & Ka Lok revealed the gender of their baby during the cake cutting ceremony - it was a strawberry cake, so it's a baby girl! Congrats to them!

Updated 18/11/2012: More video

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Credit to jack abu


Qingwa said...

sehseh, you've got my support. :P

Funn Lim said...

Joe Ma's wife is so pretty and still he was such a bastard to her at times.

DavidWoon said...

Sheh Sheh do not need the bouquet , she already ours bouquet !

Advo said...

Lord, Samantha already caught it once and then she had to go for it again? So greedy! Charmaine is dating? So happy for her! All her friends are or have settled down, so maybe she's feeling the call now, lol?

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