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Friday, November 16, 2012

Chin Ka Lok & Angela Tong wedding (Charmaine as bridesmaid)

[Apple Daily 16/11/2012]

Chin Ka Lok, known as ‘Big Head’ in the cult movie [Young & Dangerous] & Angela Tong held a wedding banquet at Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday. Earlier in the morning, his brother ‘Chan Ho Nam’ (Ekin Cheng) and Dai Tin Yee (Michael Tse) led a group of ‘gangster’ groomsmen to fetch the bride. They launched a surprise attack by storming into the hotel suite to kidnap the bride while the bridesmaids are still prepping up. Luckily the bridesmaids managed to block them off. As the ‘big brother’, Ekin is supposed to lead them but he bolt out when he saw the props prepared by the bridesmaid! 

The day before, Chin Ka Lok (47 years old) registered his marriage with Angela Tong (37 years old) at with two pandas as their witnesses. Yesterday, the newlyweds held the bride fetching ceremony and wedding banquet at Hotel Intercontinental Tsim Sha Tsui. The 7 month pregnant Janet Chow, Toby Leung, Margaret Chung, Charmaine Sheh, Sherming Yiu, Emily Kwan, and Annie Man are among the 12 bridesmaids present. As for Chin Ka Lok, he was supported by 12 ‘gangsters’ groomsmen including Ekin Cheng, Michael Tse, Jerry Lamb, Jason Chu, Wong Cho Lam, Wilson Chin, Joe Tay, Louis Yuen, King Kong & Timmy Hung.

The entourage started the bride fetching ceremony around 11am. The groomsmen decided to play a trick but storming into the bridal suite when the bridesmaids are busy prepping up and no one was guarding the entrance. When interviewed by the media, Annie laughed: “The groomsmen stormed in the room while the bridesmaids are still busy changing. No one was guarding the entrance. Margaret and Charmaine were even abducted as their hostage. Luckily we manage to guard the door to Angela’s room. It took us a lot of effort to kick them out of the room.” Annie also exposed that ‘Cheng Ho Nam’ was not valiant at all: “Ekin was first to lead the pack, but when he saw what we prepared, he immediately bolt out of the room. We prepared welcome drinks made from beer, wasabi, yogurt and preserved tofu. Ka Lok’s glass was extra-large. The bridesmaids joked that they added my breast milk. After Ka Lok finished the drink, he asked why my milk tasted sour.”

The bridesmaids requested for the groomsmen to compete removing stockings from their head. Ekin teamed up with Michael to race against team King King and Timmy. In the end, King Kong team loses and was punished to eat brown stuff that resembled poop on top of a diaper. After completing multiple obstacles, Ka Lok last mission was to read out love declaration and gave a red packet worth over HKD10,000 to successfully fetch Angela. Annie said: “The love declaration was touching and funny at the same time. Ka Lok keep clearing his throat when reading the mushy part. We didn’t cry though. Our makeup melted after finish playing the games.” Janet accompanied Angela for bridal hair combing ceremony the night before. During the group photo, her big belly was as eye-catching as Angela’s.

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Sehseh: Congrats Angela & Ka Lok! So sweet and glowing pair! The group had fun yesterday, with the bridesmaids wearing PE t-shirt during bride fetching ceremony. Ekin even sang "The Same Second" as the bridesmaids and groomsmen march into the banquet hall. When Charmaine was 'abducted' the bridesmaid used the pregnant Janet Chow as shield to trade her back. As for the bridesmaids dress, they doesn't want to wear green color at first but Angela insisted.


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