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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Charmaine Sheh in the running for TV Queen Award

[Singtao 21/11/2012] 

Suffering from shortage of talent, TVB has been inviting independent actors and previous contracted artistes to film in their productions. One of the targets is TV Queen Charmaine Sheh. According to sources, apart from inviting Charmaine to film series, they also hope for her to renew her per series contract. However, so far Charmaine has only agreed to film one series for TVB next year. In order to tempt Charmaine into signing contract, TVB nominated Charmaine in the top 10 finalists for Best Actress category in TVB anniversary awards. If Charmaine really returns to TVB, it will stir up intensive rivalry among fadans again. 

TVB Anniversary Awards will be held on the 17th of next month (December) and recently the competition for TV King & Queen has become more intense. Though the Top 5 finalist has yet to be announced, Kate Tsui, Tavia Yeung and Charmaine Sheh are seen as top competitors for TV Queen. Though Charmaine is no longer contracted to TVB, she is still a popular candidate. As TVB is suffering from shortage of talent, it’s a good opportunity to persuade Charmaine to return and renew per series contract. However, Charmaine is currently focusing in advancing in Mainland China is not interested in returning to TVB. At the same time, she wants to maintain a degree of popularity in Hong Kong therefore she only agreed to film one TVB series next year. 

In order to demonstrate their sincerity, TVB included Charmaine who is no longer their contracted actress in the Top 10 nomination for Best Actress Award and Most Favorite Female Character for her performance in [When Heaven Burns]. Yesterday, Charmaine was interviewed during a public event. Mentioning her chances of winning award for her performance in [WHB], Charmaine said: “I don’t know whether I’m nominated or not. We’ll see when the official announcement is made. I put my best effort in portraying the role and I really like the character Yip Zhi Yan. It’s a rare script that is hard to come by. (Do you have confidence in winning against Tavia Yeung and Kate Tsui?) Having confidence or not does not equate to winning the award. Every series is resulted from the hard work of everyone, I’m satisfied. (Did you catch their performances?) I did watched [Highs and Lows] and [Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles], both of their roles have a lot of opportunities to shine, with the former being a drug addict and the latter an opera actress. These roles need a lot of time to prepare. (Who do you think have higher chances?) Both have chances.” 

Also, the recent talk in town is the issue of free TV licensing. TVB was very vocal to voice their disagreement in issuing new free TV license. Charmaine replied: “Let the government handle this. This is a matter between conglomerates, I should not interfere. (You only wanted to be audience?) To the audience, it’s a positive thing to have healthy competition. Most importantly is the quality of the programs produced.”

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Advo said...


Do you think TVB will allow her into Top 5? I think they would be worried about her fanbase - unless of course, at that is not really a far stretch, they have contingency plans in place for if the result isn't what they want. But why take the risk, right?

sehseh said...

I think their original plan is to exclude Charmaine from Top 5, thinking that ppl would have forgotten WHB since it was 1 year ago. However, the media and netizens (hkgolden forum for example) has been vouching strongly for Charmaine & WHB. So there is a possibility of TVB being pressured to rightfully put Charmaine in Top 5.

However, TVB already hinted that they will not be revealing the total votes, using the excuse that it will embarass the nominees. Which means even no matter whoever nominated other than TY, they can still rig and claim TY has the most votes.

Or the server could crash (again) and the final decision lies in the hand of 9 TVB executives. Take your pick :)

Advo said...

Aha. Yes, figured they had some ideas on how to control the final result anyway. I didn't know that the votes wouldn't be revealed... very convenient ;)

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