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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Charmaine Sheh dominates Singapore with her Dragon Robes

[ 28/11/2012]

The 37 years old Charmaine Sheh catwalk in ‘dragon robes’ at Singapore indicate that she is not in a hurry to get married, leaving it to fate. If she gets married, she will not hold a ceremony!

Last evening, Charmaine attended the Asian Couture Fashion Week at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands. She strutted the runway wearing renowned Chinese designer Guo Pei’s latest Legend of the Dragon collection.

Under Guo Pei special arrangement, Charmaine wore a ‘dragon robe’ and 6 inch high heels on the catwalk. She carried herself elegantly and emanates a dominating aura. However, she heave a sigh of relief the moment she got offstage.

Turn out that she has been on her toes during the few minute stint onstage. She frankly said: I heave a sigh of relief because midway, I stepped onto my train!” She was stunned and after shifting her feet away, continued walking ahead.

 In order to appear beautifully onstage, Charmaine skipped dinner hence she suffered from gastric pains by the time the event ended. “I’m afraid that if I ate too much, my belly will protrude. So I didn’t eat dinner. Now I’m feeling a little gastric pain, but it’s not a big deal for me.”

Charmaine feel envious of the models tall height. She told her friends, “It’ll be great if I am as tall as them,” but her friends commented: “If you are so tall, then you can’t film series! Where can they find such tall leading actors?"

During the interview, a photographer standing close by suddenly dropped his flash and nearly hit Charmaine. She was shocked and shouted ‘aiya’, luckily she was not hurt. Such a close call.

When shall get married? Charmaine Sheh: Leave it to Fate

Recently, Charmaine keep receiving wedding invitations, with the brides being her good friends. She especially makes time to attend the wedding, some as bridesmaid. Asked when it’s her turn to get married, Charmaine laughed: “I want to take a break first, hehe. I feel tired taking part in so many wedding celebrations. If I have to plan my own wedding, it will be more exhausting.” Followed by the statement ‘leave it to fate’ to indicate her current lovelife.

What’s her dream wedding? She replied: “Maybe I won’t have a wedding ceremony! Seeing how troublesome it was to prepare for a wedding such as seating, floral arrangement, and banquet and down to minor details – too many decisions to make. I prefer it to leave it simple. (Overseas wedding?) I don’t know!”

Two superstars to return to ‘maternal home’, dreams of working with Andy Lau and Chow Yun Fatt

Charmaine look forward to Andy Lau and Chow Yun Fatt returning to TVB to film series; joking: “Availability is limited!”

Next year, TVB plans to invite Andy Lau and Chow Yun Fatt to return to ‘maternal home’ and film a series. Charmaine hope for a chance to collaborate with them: “It’s my dream to work with them! I don’t know whether I’ll have the chance, since availability is limited!”

Regarding the rumors that TVB is planning to film [You’re Hired 2] casting Charmaine and Dayo Wong as main leads again, she expressed that it’ll be great if it’s confirmed. “Filming with Dayo brings a fresh experience every day. He will think of many funny ideas to incorporate inside the series.”

TVB will be holding the Anniversary Awards ceremony next month and Charmaine is nominated for TV Queen for her role in [When Heaven Burns]. Charmaine said that she is happy with the nomination already.

“Whether I win or not is not a big deal. Because there’s only 1 prize and so many competitors. Does that mean I will be unhappy if lost? I will continue to work harder.”

As for whether she will be attending the ceremony, Charmaine indicate that she might be filming series in Mainland China. She promised to attend if her schedule allows.

Rumors that filming fee in Mainland China is SGD400,000 per episode (RMB200,000 per episode) – “I don’t film for money alone.”

Charmaine was rumored to earn between RMB150,000 – RMB200,000 per episode in Mainland China series. However, the criteria for Charmaine in choosing for scripts are not the money.

In the past few years, Charmaine has been focusing in Mainland China series and enjoyed a first leading status there. It was rumored that she’s earning between RMB150,000 – RMB200,000 per episode and she also accepted some endorsement deals. She must be very rich now.

Does she have any investment tips to share? How did she reward herself? “I don’t know what to do with the money! (Too much of money?) No, no! Actually my current work (direction) is not due to the fees earned. For example taking part in today’s event is simply to fulfill my wish. Sometimes I film the series because I like the director, not because of money. As for the money I earned, at least I can be assured that if my family needs anything, they can have it.”

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Charmaine catwalk for Guo Pei

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Fide Fashion Week Interview

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