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Friday, November 02, 2012

Charmaine @ Cosmo Asian Beauty Awards 2012

Last evening, Charmaine attended the Cosmo Asian Beauty Awards 2012 held at Shanghai, Mainland China. She presented the skincare award alongside Taiwanese beauty guru, Robin Niu. Charmaine was also awarded "Elegant Style of the Year"  (年度气质造型大奖). Congrats to Charmaine!

More pics and video below.

[Ent QQ] Charmaine was also asked about rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng who injured his eye during filming. She indicate that she sent an sms asking how he's doing, because of her busy schedule she would not be able to visit him. Would she be worried that her rumored ex-boyfriend will have a scar on his face? Charmaine joked: "He's a guy, not a big deal. It might even increase his charm."

Red Carpet

Credit to Charmaine Baidu Bar

In the interview, Charmaine indicate that she likes filming in Mainland China, and she will be filming new series in December 2012.

Award Presentation
Credit to Charmaine Baidu Bar

Will post the "Elegant Style of the Year" award video once it's available.

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