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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Charmaine Sheh is free and happy

[Oriental Daily, 07/10/2012] 

Charmaine Sheh who has been busy working in Mainland China, has recently returned to Hong Kong for holiday and continue to earn money through filming advertisement. Yesterday, she shoot advertisement for slimming centre she is endorsing (Perfect Shape). Later in the evening, she had supper with the working crew at a restaurant in Central. Around 1:45am, Charmaine who wore casual clothes left to take her car. When she noticed reporters taking her pictures, she gave them a smile and waves goodbye. Afterward, she drove away in her white Benz. 

In addition, last evening Charmaine updated her weibo with group picture during the meal and wrote: "Finish shooting for slimming centre new ad! Tonight I am free to eat as much as I like."

Do not repost.

Pictures and video credit as labeled.


1 comment:

Funn Lim said...

Everytime I read a news on Charmaine the article will highlight 2 things;

1. her endorsement activities
2. money

It's like Charmaine = goldmine sort of thing. I like to read something else.

Sehseh, ever though of writing a personal article by yourself about Charmaine for the benefit of new fans? Like her childhood, past loves, career, all with pictures? No no don't refer me to wikipedia. I want your perspective, perhaps from the angle of a fan meeting her idol from first time until recent time and what has changed or remained unchanged

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