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Thursday, September 13, 2012

So... what's Charmaine doing lately?

I'm sure a lot of fans has been wondering what's Charmaine doing recently, since she is pretty much under the radar after completing the filming for Mainland China series [Marry into the Purple].

Annually, Charmaine will take a summer break and this year is no exception - she has been to Holland (July) and Thailand (August) and spending quality time with family and friends.Not to mention visiting the babies of her girlfriends such as Sonija Kwok and Annie Man. Recently, paparazzi photographed her shopping with her Mum and enjoying some time off.

Lol... familiar dress? Charmaine wore sandals because she just had pedicure :P Wouldn't want to ruin them. 

Event wise, she attended a few in Mainland and Hong Kong, such as Mingbo launch, Patrick Kong's novel (one of the guest featured), Toby & Janet lingerie show, Longines store opening, Kinsyoma Ceramics, and NEXT magazine Healthy Star Awards 2012. This Saturday, she will be attending another event in Huizhou, Mainland China.

Charmaine also renewed her spokesperson endorsement for A-Fontane, this year filming new television ad too!


Also, Charmaine has just signed a deal with Zhen Brand Jewellery as their spokesperson. Click on the link to check out the gorgeous print ads! There's supposed to be television ad too, let's keep our fingers crossed for the video to be released!

What about her filming projects? Will she be filming for TVB anytime soon?

Before her hiatus, Charmaine indicate that she plan to film a Mainland China series in Sept/Oct, and then film a TVB series early next year. Recently, she indicate that she is still selecting the scripts for Mainland China project.

  • Both Executive Producers; Tommy Leung & Catherine Tsang from TVB has approached Charmaine to film series early late 2012 or early 2013.
  • Rumors are abuzz that Charmaine will be starring in [The Hippocratic Crush 2] across Lawrence Ng since the latter dropped hints about heavyweight female lead who has collaborated with him before, and is still single. Today Lawrence changed his tune and said that TVB is still negotiating a female lead. (Note: This series is under Tommy Leung faction)
  • Interesting to note that Catherine Tsang will also produce two productions around the same time; one of them is grand production series with Wayne Lai + Moses Chan (coincidentally missing female lead) and another unnamed series. She was said to be approaching Charmaine to film one of them. 
Put 2 and 2 together, it's very likely that Charmaine is deciding between two TVB projects at the moment. Who do you think will be successful in persuading Charmaine to film under their faction?

Personally, I'd prefer Charmaine not to pick  [HC2]. It'll be weird to see Charmaine pairing up with Lawrence, whom she call Uncle (he was her family friend), and I feel that HC2 was just banking on Lawrence [Healing Hands] fame and Charmaine starpower (while sidestepping the orginal leads Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung). I'm kinda worried of the writing and direction, to be honest.


Funn Lim said...

Maybe HC 2 she will be paired with Kenneth? And Lawrence is like family friend to her?

I don't want to see her near anywhere within the vicinity of Moses ever again. I am bored with this pairing.

sehseh said...

Nay, Uncle Lawrence said leading actress is specifically for his character pairing, and does not interfere with Kenneth-Tavia romance.

Rory Hwang said...

Ditto on your thoughts, sehseh. I don't want to see her taking on HC2either. It'd be like the Forensic Heroes II scenario again; earning the ire of fans of the first series, taking screentime away from the original lead characters, etc. A full on on-screen romance with Uncle Lawrence? Ewww ... pass please. In short, likely to be a 吃力不討好 situation. Besides, TVB rarely, if ever, gets sequels done right.

As for the Catherine Tsang grand production, there are quite a few tempting factors. It is 徐正康's highly anticipated comeback drama and signs point to it having a tightly woven script concentrating on legal inheritance cases. Charmaine hasn't worked with Wayne Lai before and it'd be a refreshing collaboration. I'm only worried that the drama will be focused too much on the 男人戲 between Wayne and Moses. Hopefully, the main female character has a meaty role and has her individual storyline as well.

Catherine Tsang's unnamed drama ... how about a tailor-made Charmaine centric drama? Preferably a modern series?

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