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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Charmaine Sheh to be photoshopped onto TVB Calendar

[Mingpao 27.09.12]

Last evening, Charmaine returns to TVB to record variety show 《皆大歡喜之溏心風暴》. Mentioning that she is not included in TVB 2013 Calendar, Chamaine said: “It’s not necessary to take part in everything. After the calendar is produced, will ask Miss Virginia Lok to give me a copy. I didn’t take part in last year calendar as week.” Charmaine was reminded by reporter that TVB did not produced calendar last year, which she humorously replied: “Then photoshop my head onto the calendar."

Regarding the rumors of Andy Lau returning to TVB to film series, Charmaine said: “That’s great! He’s my idol. I don’t know if the company will invite me to take part. Everyone looked forward to this. However, I will only have free schedule next year.”

Additional excerpts from Oriental Daily:

Charmaine who has already ‘left’ TVB was asked if she was disappointed not included in TVB Calendar. Charmaine joked: “Let me ask Ms Virginia Lok to include me next year.” Speaking of TVB recent move of inviting superstars to film series, Charmaine said: “It’s a good thing. I don’t know whether I will have a part (in the series). I’ll wait for the company to arrange, but the soonest I can film is next year. (Are you TVB secret weapon?) You think I am a knife?”

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