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Monday, September 24, 2012

Charmaine Sheh attend CJXTV advertising gala for new series

( 21.09.12) 

On the evening of September 9th 2012, short haired Charmaine Sheh attended the CJXTV advertising gala. Though Charmaine is tough and persevering in work, she admitting used to be scared about love, but now she would like to bravely love. 

Charmaine new series [Marry into the Purple] will be premiering on CJXTV as prime time series. As the lead, Charmaine shared with the media on the storyline. In the series, she portrayed leading female Shen Ying Xiu; whom is a tragic character. In the series, the sisters fell in love with the same man, but the two of them have very different personalities, different perception toward love and worth. Hence they have different attitude in love. Charmaine refused to reveal the ending, giving us sometime to look forward to. 

Love seems to be a popular topic. Charmaine always have neverending stream of rumored boyfriend, but she has yet to admit any of those relationship. Her mysterious love life made people even more curious and want to investigate further. What is Charmaine perception toward love? 

10 years ago, Charmaine is still a little girl and does not have much expectation on love. She frankly said that she was 'afraid' of love, therefore she chose to spend more time and effort into work, not letting go of any opportunities especially good scripts. She must work, if that means no sleep and no holiday. It was her hard work that contribute to her career peak today. 10 years later, she have achieved fame and fortune but her love life remains bland. Now, Charmaine wants to change her perception toward love. "If I meet someone I like, I will go ahead and (fall in) love." This is the matured Charmaine attitude toward love. 

Promoting her series in Mainland China, Charmaine also admitted that filming fees in Mainland China are higher compared to Hong Hong. Charmaine has filmed with TVB for many years and collaborated with many scriptwriters and directors. Slowly, the experience becomes dull and she started to feel exhausted. After careful consideration, she decided to venture to Mainland China. She will be focusing in Mainland China in the future. 

Do not repost.

[Marry into the Purple] will premiere on CJXTV starting Jan 1st, 2013.

You can watch the preview trailer here. Charmaine doesn't have dialogue in the clip because the post production (dubbing in Mandarin) is still in progress. 


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