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Friday, August 03, 2012

[Marry into the Purple] Filming pics 7

Updated 11/8

More pictures from [Marry into the Purple] official weibo



Funn Lim said...

Beautiful costumes, especially the purple one. She looks lovely. I like the minimal stuff on the head.

sehseh said...

But the long pin at the back can get pretty weird though. I prefer the white costume.

Her other series costume must weight like a good 5-6kg. So many silver, shells ornaments and semi precious stones.

Funn Lim said...

Can't be made of real silver. I mean in real life that princess would have died from all the weight. In today's world, probably just papers glued to look like that.

Yes the pin is weird but it works. In fact the costume is weird since the era got cars already but still the colours are pretty.

sehseh said...

According to Yuan production team, it's made of real silver (her head dress). It's mentioned in one of Yuan BTS clip. Charmaine have more than one silver head dress here.

As for this series [Purple] yeah everything was kept to minimal. Since she came from affluent family, her dressing is more traditional. After marriage, the female characters wear qipao but not her coz she never had the chance to be a Mrs despite getting hitched so many times. Don't wanna spoil.

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