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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Janet Chow announced that she is pregnant

[The Sun, Apple Daily, Mingpao 09/08/2012]

Last evening, the pregnant Janet Chow and a group of girlfriends Annie Man, Sherming Yiu etc went to Charmaine Sheh's home for dinner. Charmaine's mum was the chef and Janet even ate three bowls of rice. She said: "Whenever Annie and I sat down, we will talk about where to buy supplements, ordering wet tissues etc. I've even ordered for Margaret Chung and Teresa Mak. (Did any sponsors approach you?) Currently I have sponsors for blood cord registry, milk powder and baby stroller. However I am too anxious and bought already two milk bottles." Asked if Charmaine feel compelled seeing her girlfriends married and pregnant, Janet said: "We encouraged her to hurry up. (Is she dating?) No! We are so nosy, so if she have we will know for sure!"

Do not repost.

Sehseh: Congrats to Janet! Lol, though it's pretty obvious that she is pregnant two months plus ago, she couldn't formally announce it until recently due to Chinese superstition. Annie will be giving birth end of August. 

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