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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Charmaine Sheh wishes Angela Tong to have a 'snake' baby

Credit to Mingpaonews

[Mingpao, Wenweipo 21/08/2012]

Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh attended the opening ceremony of Longines flagship store alongside Korean models Song Doo Hwan, Hoon Lee and Zenki. She revealed that she has collected many luxury watches, the most expensive one worth more than 6 figure sum. Apart from those received during events, she bought most of them.

Charmaine has already congratulates her pal Angela Tong whom is getting married end of this year. Asked if Angela is pregnant, Charmaine plays dumb and said: "I wish that she will have a *'snake' baby soon!"  She expressed that she can be the baby's godmother if Angela invites her, as she is already the godmother of 5 children. When asked when is her turn to get married and have children, Charmaine replied: "I'm the finale. Wish me good luck! I'll leave it to fate. Right now I’m not dating; I don't have any pursuers." Charmaine indicate that she is not pursued by wealthy 2nd generation: "Actually money is not important, the most important is being able to communicate and the kind that will make me smile upon seeing him."

*In Chinese zodiac, year 2013 is the Year of Snake

Though most of her friends are already married, Charmaine does not feel pressured and will take her time in choosing Mr Right. "Because marriage is forever, plus my brothers are already married and have children, therefore my mother doesn't pressure me."

Is she worried remaining a spinster - finding a matchmaking agency? Charmaine reacted greatly: "Not till that extend? I have not considered seeking the service from matchmaking agency yet." She laughed that if she falls in love, she might pull ala Gigi Leung's flash wedding. Then will she date a Caucasian? "I have yet to date a Caucasian. Actually age and race doesn't matter. Being able to communicate is most important."

Mentioning Andy Lau might be filming a series with TVB, Charmaine hope she could collaborate with him, whatever role she gets doesn't matter. "Andy is my idol. Previously, he presented an award to me in a Mainland China award ceremony, my heart was beating really fast." Reporter points out that if Charmaine films with him, she might get heart attack. Charmaine joked: "I can't imagine what would happen!" 

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