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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Charmaine revealed that she have pursuers, not interested in Kevin Cheng rumors

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[Wenweipo, Mingpao 15/08/2012]

Toby Leung has recently collaborated with a lingerie brand to design a new collection together with good friend Janet Chow. Last evening, they held a fashion show to showcase the lingerie and invited many friends within entertainment industry. Charmaine Sheh who has been filming in Mainland China also attended to show her support. Regarding the news of rumored boyfriend Kevin Cheng having romantic sparks with Christine Kuo during filming and reconciling with ex-flame Niki Chow, Charmaine indicate that she did not pay attention to the news, but admit that she still keep in contact with Kevin.

It's been quite some time since Charmaine attended a public event (in Hong Kong). She has just returned from touring Holland and Thailand. Asked why she decided to make a surprise guest appearance, she said: "Because Janet is really fantastic, she still did catwalk despite being pregnant. Of course I have to show support. Besides, they said that lingerie are designed beautifully, so I came to have a look."

Earlier there were rumors saying Ricky Wong attempted to poach her to become '1st Sister' in his TV station (CTI). Charmaine denied this, saying: "Thank you for the appreciation, but he did not contact me. Actually I still have per series contract with TVB, technically I still belongs with them. I can be approached for series outside Hong Kong."

Asked if she paid attention to Kevin romance rumors with Christine and also reconciliation with Niki, Charmaine frankly said that she did not pay attention, but revealed that she still has contact with Kevin. Did she try to verify the news from Kevin? Charmaine answered: "I'd better take care of myself first." Charmaine indicate that she is currently single.

Any possibility of reconciliation with Kevin? 'I don't know, ask Heaven!' Though Charmaine is single, she is pleased with her current condition. She revealed that she has a pursuer. Asked to describe her pursuer, Charmaine remained tight-lipped: "Conclusion is that he is a gentleman."

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