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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vote for Charmaine @ Starhub TVB Awards 2012

Charmaine is nominated in 3 categories for Starhub TVB Awards 2012! This year, non-Singaporean fans can vote online, therefore please show your full support by voting for Charmaine infinitely!

The categories Charmaine are nominated in are:

1. My Favorite TVB Actress - (F2) Charmaine Sheh

2. My Favorite Female TVB Character - (FC9) Charmaine Sheh - When Heaven Burns

3. My Favorite TVB Onscreen Couple - (C1) Moses Chan & Charmaine Sheh - Let it Be Love or (C8) Raymond Lam & Charmaine Sheh - My Sister of Eternal Flower

Please also support Charmaine series in Starhub TVB Awards - we are pleasantly surprised that [When Heaven Burns] are nominated in various category, and to be honest TVB is VERY unlikely to acknowledge the Charmaine series in their own anniversary award this year. Therefore, we have to treasure every overseas award opportunities for Charmaine series.

My Favorite TVB Drama - (D2) When Heaven Burns

My Favorite TVB Drama Theme Song - (S1) When Heaven Burns or (S8) My Sister of Eternal Flower

Voting ends on 11 August 2012, so hurry and make sure you vote as much as you can, every day!

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