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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Charmaine Sheh can earn a luxurious home with just one series

[The Sun 13/6/2012]

It is known that the competition between actresses for the TV Queen award in Hong Kong are very competitive. However, we didn't foresee that the competition continued in Mainland China as well! Yesterday, ex and current TVB actresses Ada Choi, Charmaine Sheh and Myolie Wu attended the 18th Shanghai TV Festival and their filming fees were pitted against one another! Charmaine and Myolie frankly admitted that the fees are enough to earn them a house, with the former even saying that one series alone can earn a luxury home. So profitable!

TVB siusang and fadan has always been popular in Mainland China and many of them were invited to film series with high fees. Among them Charmaine, Myolie, Ada, Tavia Yeung and Sonija Kwok are the hot favorites, reaching a new height in terms of filming fees. Yesterday, the 'liberated' (non-TVB contract) Charmaine and Ada and TVB biological daughter Myolie attended Shanghai TV Festival and inadvertently pit their 'price' in comparison.

Recently advancing her career in Mainland China, Charmaine who is currently filming [Marry into the Purple] expressed that she has filmed 2 Mainland series this year. With regard to Myolie and Ada fees increase, she said: "It's a good thing for my friends. As for my filming fees, it's a confidential." However, she admits that filming one Mainland China series can afford a luxury home. "Purchasing luxury property has depend on preference, one series is enough."

Though she enjoys earning in Mainland China, Charmaine indicate that she will not guest star in [War & Beauty 2]. However, she revealed that she will return to Hong Kong to film series: "I'm currently discussing a new TVB series with Producer Tommy Leung, but the schedule has not confirmed yet. I'll probably film another Mainland series in October this year." 

She also denies the rumors that ex-rumored boyfriend Benny Chan moved near to her filming location and directly said that her love life remains empty. Joked:  "Well, I still have to claim that I have pursuers. I hope to take a holiday break. But if there's a lot of attractive scripts, I will spend more time in Mainland China." 

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