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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Marry into the Purple] Filming pics 4

Updated 2/6

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Added 30/5

Added 2/6


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LonelyPerson1314 said...

This fews day i watch forensic hero2 and go internet reseach your news and saw many rumour talking bad about you,on your news i has learn our destiny and road was waiting for us,only hardwork just can successful on future.I believe you was not because money(15 million HK) just leave TVB.Each people choose their road sure got their reason,maybe you saw some thing interest just on mainland have only and hong kong ever no have it.I will always support your choose and decision,i believe you was not do something example hurt friend.I saw news saying about you,betrayed by friend before and now you no easily believe someone in this competition industri.I just can say friendship is exist,hope you can get a good friend who be your ear when you sad or vein.About some rumour say you steal other people husband,i dont know you got did it or not,i just can say 感情 this thing sometimes unenable control it.Me and my 7year best brother same time 爱上同一位女孩 and ....Whether there all was past tense already right,whatever you do what decision i also will support you and hope you can happy on mainland and keep find your 目标 。I no sure you will saw this all and read or not.I just hope you can read all of this.I just want say thank to you Charmaine Sheh and this website admin because let me wake up and what i need to do now....

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