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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Charmaine Sheh invited as jury for Magnolia Awards at 18th Shanghai Television Festival

Credit to kankanews

Charmaine accepted the invitation to be jury in Magnolia Awards, to be held at 18th Shanghai Television Festival (STVF) from June 11th to 15th. STVF is the most influential and prestigious international TV festival in Asia. Charmaine is one of the panel judges in Best Television Series Category.

According to the Chief Secretary Tang Li Qun, they are pleased to be able to invite Charmaine as jury this year. Previously, they have attempted to invite Charmaine but she had to decline due to schedule clash. There are two actresses in the list of panel judges including Charmaine, and she is the only one from Hong Kong.  The rest are directors and producers from China and overseas countries like Japan, UK & Germany.

1 comment:

Qingwa said...

I'm so pround of Charmaine.

And happy that she'll have the experience of being a jury.

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