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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Charmaine Sheh: Wish to portray an ugly girl

[Chongqing Morning Post 24/03/2012]

Long black sweater and white wedge boots… if not for the alluring makeup and eyecatching white Chanel bag, you will find it hard to relate this lady with Hong Kong TVB’s 1st Sister. But from the excited screaming heard from fans at the venue, it was indeed Charmaine Sheh in casual clothing appearing at Henderson Land Development Company launch event held at Chongqing Grand Theater last evening. Though her spirit was dampened due to the luggage delay issue, Charmaine's mood was still good and answered all questions posed. She even revealed that she has profited over 7 digits from selling her property in Hong Kong.

Appearing in casual clothes due to luggage delay

As indicate in the beginning of this article, Charmaine's wardrobe can be described as plain. Even she said: "This is how I'm normally dressed."

"Perhaps Heaven decide to bring April's Fool early (laughs)." During the launch event, Charmaine self-depreciating said this to explain why she appeared in casual clothes. Charmaine explained that she originally prepared a beautiful dress and a pair of extremely high heels, however "After I flew over here from Hong Kong, my luggage has not arrived. Upon further investigation, I found out that they are is still in Hong Kong (airport). It will not make here in time despite being transported via the next flight…"

Even though her spirit was dampened by this incident, Charmaine still praised Chongqing as Mainland China's "Little Hong Kong" and indicate that she can't wait to stroll around. Charmaine revealed that she will be staying in Chongqing for a day for some relaxation. Therefore, don't be surprised if you bumped into TV Queen on the street tomorrow.

Profiting a million dollar through property sale

Though she has entered Mainland China market for a period of time, when asked whether she would establish her own production agency like other Mainland China leading artistes, this TVB 1st sister became cautious: "Will wait for some time before considering, I want to take things slowly."

Mentioning work, the always pretty Charmaine revealed that she would like to portray an ugly girl in the future. "Using a pretty face to move the audience is good, but I'm thinking it will be great if we can use an unattractive face to bring out the inner emotions of the character." Charmaine admitted that expanding in Mainland China, language remained the biggest obstacle. However, she is polishing her Mandarin skills. "During our collaboration, Hu Jun knew a little Cantonese while my Mandarin is substandard, so we started to teach each other. It was fun."

Regarding her living habits, Charmaine indicate that she is similar to most of her onscreen image, which can be considered as people who seek distinction. She expressed that privacy is very important to her, therefore the area she lives must have good security and surroundings. She also like huge bedroom. She divulged, "Previously I sold a property in Hong Kong and profited a million dollar." She laughed that her current home is not big, around 1800 square feet but very costly.

The people around her keep having romantic progress and wedding bells, but Charmaine's attitude is quite laidback. Asked if she will reveal her relationship, she smiled and expressed: "I'm fine with it. It depends on my other half, if he wants to make it public, then we’ll make it public. If not, then I won't."

Do not repost.

Sehseh: Charmaine couldn't attend Timmy Hung and Janet Chow as she has committed herself to this event. She did not reveal her next project (modern series), hopefully there will be more news soon.

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