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Friday, March 30, 2012

Charmaine Sheh doesn't have the time to monitor Kevin Cheng

[Takungpao, Mingpao 29.03.2012]

Yesterday, TVB artistes attended an award presentation ceremony held by a magazine company. The attendees include Charmaine Sheh, Fala Chen, Sharon Chan, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Louis Yuen, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma, and Moses Chan etc. The atmosphere was very lively. The artistes carefully selected their outfit; the sexiest being Sharon Chan’s back revealing dress. Recent rumors have it that Charmaine and Kevin had rekindled their feelings while filming series in Hengdian. Because of Charmaine's failure to monitor her boyfriend, Kevin started a relationship with Mainland China actress instead. There's also report indicating that he is currently wooing Annie Liu. Regarding the allegation that she failed to monitor Kevin, Charmaine laughed: "I don't have much time."

Charmaine, whom all the while has filming series in Mainland China arrived at the event wearing a mini red dress. Kevin also won an award, but he didn't attend. Mentioning that Kevin is rumored to be dating Annie at the moment, Charmaine replied: "Really? Congratulations!" As for the allegation that she 'failed to monitor Kevin', Charmaine laughed and said: "I don't have much time, I have to film series too." Charmaine is busy filming series, but she is no longer in Hengdian and doesn't know Kevin's whereabouts. Kevin has already left Hengdian before she does. The reporter pointed out that Charmaine is very clear on his whereabouts, she laughed: "We are friends. (Are you not concerned with your friend's romance?) I will give him a call to ask about it later."

Asked if she felt that Kevin and Annie make a compatible couple, Charmaine asked: "Didn't they film a series together? I have to watch it first, but they are both handsome guy and pretty girl, therefore they should be compatible.” (Whom is more compatible? Kevin-Charmaine or Kevin-Annie?) Charmaine smiled and said that question should be directed to audience instead. She revealed that she will be travelling to Inner Mongolia to resume filming [The Legend of Yuan Empire Founder] and later she will be filming a period drama (Man Chor era). She still has (to fulfill) one remaining series with TVB this year, but has yet to come across a suitable script.

Do not repost.

Sehseh: Charmaine love to wear red dress, especially from Valentino.

Regarding the upcoming Man Chor series, it was rumored that the male lead would be Steven Ma and the series is targeted to be HunanTV prime slot next year. To be confirmed!

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DavidWoon said...

Charm-aine gonna have a wonderful love life ! You can see this in her eyes and her smile ! :)

DavidWoon said...

A good man do not need to be monitored ! He will monitor himself !

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