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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vote for Charmaine @ NEXT TV Awards 2012

The Next TV Awards is back! Last year, with the support of fans Charmaine not only bagged her 10th consecutive Top 10 ranking in a row, but was also crowned at 1st place! Though she is no longer signed with TVB, her remaining role and series with them has garnered positive review, particularly [When Heaven Burns]. Therefore, we should seize the opportunity to bring victory for our dearest Charmaine again.

Charmaine thanked fans in her weibo post today:

No matter you voted for me or not, I still loves you all :) Thank you for your support all these years!

Note: Read carefully on the instructions BEFORE you start voting. It's not that complicated, so let's work together and show Charmaine the power of our love!

1. Go to Next TV Awards 2012 voting site below:

2. The 1st voting category is Top 10 TV Artistes (max choose 3)
Tick the box No. 12  佘詩曼

3. Click on the button at the end of the page to proceed to next category.

4. Vote for Top 10 TV Program (max choose 3)

Vote for No. 02 4 in Love   
No. 13 天與地 (When Heaven Burns)

5. Click on the lower right button to proceed.

6. The subsequent categories below doesn't involve Charmaine. Vote one per category and click on the lower right button (like above) to proceed:

- Most Potential Male Artist (I supported 02. Stanley Cheung / Ka Ming in WHB, hehe)
- Most Potential Female Artist (How abt 03. Angel Chiang / Yan in WHB?)
- Most Scene Stealing Supporting Actor
- Most Scene Stealing Supporting Actress

7. Sponsors Awards. Vote one for every award. 

Charmaine (01 佘詩曼)  is nominated in 
GlamSmile Best Smile Artist Award

8. Scroll to bottom and click on lower right button to confirm vote.

9. To finalize your voting, please fill in the required details below: (You can leave the Slogan part empty, it's optional)

Apart from the HK ID number, you can 'fictionalize' the rest of the information.  

If you are not a HK citizen, this is where the ID generator (click to download) come in handy.

Download and run the file (if your pc doesn't support Chinese character, the words on the software might be jumbled up, but don't worry - follow my instructions and it will still work).

  • Select Hong Kong from the scroll bar.
  • Click 产生 button to generate ID number
  • Click (2) until a HK ID with 8 digit including alphabet appears. Sometimes it will generate 9 digit, you can use that as well
  • Copy and paste the first 7 digit (alphabet + number) into the first box (Sample in the pic 'D551014')
  • Paste the remaining one digit in the last box. (Sample in the pic '8')

10. After completing the form, click on the lower left button to submit your votes.

11. A 'Thank You' message (below) will pop up if your vote is successful.

At the moment, there's no limit on voting ;)

The voting will end on 26th February, 6pm HK time.

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