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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Not affected by rumors, Charmaine Sheh & Hu Jun continue filming cheerfully like siblings

[Mingpao 11.02.2012]

Charmaine Sheh often gets beleaguered by rumours. Apart from being rumored to reconcile with Kevin Cheng, recently she was accused of secretly meeting her co-star in [Legend of Yuan Empire Founder] Hu Jun, who is already a married man. This angers Charmaine and she complained against the false news. Mingpao reporter visited the crew in Hengdian, Mainland China for an exclusive coverage. Charmaine & Hu Jun was not affected by the rumors and acted professionally during filming. Off-screen, they are laughing and chatting like siblings. Charmaine praised Hu Jun for having no arrogance at all and often discuss with her about acting and life philosophies. She learned a lot from him. Steven Ma, who took part in the series also stood out and clarified their rumors.

Charmaine who easily attracts rumors has been filming Tsui Siu Ming new series [Legend of Yuan Empire Founder] in Hengdian Mainland China for the past few months. She got acquainted with talented actor Hu Jun in this series. Hu Ju is portraying Kublai Khan, while Charmaine portray his wife. They got along very well and the filming progressed smoothly. Unexpectedly, a tabloid recently published an article indicating that they abandoned the filming crew and went off to have a private dinner together. They returned to the hotel in the same car, hence sparking accusation that they have intimate relationship.

After Charmaine found out about the rumors, she posted a string of symbols (representing expletive) together with a picture of Angry Birds, angrily complaining: "The tabloid is publishing false news again! Don't care, we live for ourselves."

Charmaine & Hu Jun couldn't be bothered with rumors. Yesterday noon they continue filming [Yuan] as usual, an indoor scene depicting them discussing important matters. From what the reporter sees on-site, they do not avoid each other and chatted happily while rehearsing the scripts. They also generously took pictures together at reporter's request. Charmaine helplessly replied to the rumors: "I'm used to it, they will find a new rumored partner for me every time I film series. Everyone got along very well, having dinner in a big group is very normal. Steven is also at the dinner. Hu Jun and I stayed at the same hotel, so what's the problem returning in the same vehicle?"

She indicates that in the past 4 months, she has been getting along quite well with Hu Jun. [He treats me like a younger sister, and he already has a wife and family. This kind of hurtful rumor is not nice. Of course we know that it's not true and won't get affected. Others won’t believe in it as well. This collaboration with Hu Jun is a rare opportunity. He is a very famous and professional Mainland China actor. He has no arrogance at all. Outside filming, he often shares acting tips and life philosophies."

Since next Tuesday is Valentine's Day, how does Charmaine plan to spend the day? There are also rumors of her reconciliation with Kevin? Charmaine says: "I couldn't be bothered with the rumors. Most probably will be having dinner with the filming crew on Valentine's Day. Since most people just returned from Chinese New Year break, it's a good opportunity for a gathering. This way, there won’t be any rumors."

Charmaine enjoyed filming in Hengdian: "We only filmed 12 hours daily. There's ample 10 hours sleeping time, enough to refresh ourselves. Venturing outside (TVB) is an eye opener and I benefited a lot from this."

Regarding the rumors, Steven defended Charmaine & Hu Jun, "A big group of people went to the dinner, but the article wrote as two person only! Hu Jun has always treated Charmaine and I like younger siblings. He often chatted with us."

Charmaine's heart warmed by adorable panda warmer

Yesterday, Hengdian temperature dropped to 1 degree Celsius. It was extremely cold and Charmaine will put her hands in the adorable panda warmer when not filming. She said it was a gift from a fan in Mainland China. It's really warm and everyone envied her. Charmaine laughed: "This is my companion; it brings me warmth every day."

Charmaine also personally hired a make-up artist and a Mainland China personal assistance to take care of her. Her personal assistance salary is a few thousand dollars. The filming crew also specially arranged attendants for the cast, for example during filming breaks, each cast will be assigned with their own make-up, and wardrobe assistant to ensure the costumes are in place. They are really serious about the production.

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DavidWoon said...


If Charm-aine would to give 1 day for 1 fans a chance to accompany to dinner / walk around .... then just allow to shake her hand and took picture together , at least few decades Charm-aine would not be alone . As for fans , it will be a unforgettable kind of lifetime chance ! Charm-aine never need to " booked room ....offer herself ... 3rd trigo love etc .... !

Funn Lim said...

Steven looks great! He looks like he really has a major role in here! Please tell me he does, this will be my even more highly anticipated series.

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