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Monday, January 02, 2012

《天與地》 When Heaven Burns ending

Note: Major SPOILERS, please do not reveal in cbox

Rock Festival
Dr Dylan: This band, I heard them before. Though one person is missing, but I recognized them!
Yan: No one is missing. They are still the same.

Fate, in another time and space
Yan: A different decision, will lead to different paths. But I believe, in the end they will appear at the same destination. I believe in that.

Sehseh: [When Heaven Burns] ending is so poignant and memorable! It's the end, yet also a new beginning.

You can also watch the last two episodes in youtube here.


hyn5 said...

The ending was cleverly done! Rare to see in TVB series nowadays....

sehseh said...

Yes, you are right! Kudos to Catherine Tsang for giving the green light to Jonathan Chik and Chow. TVB should give more room for non-commercial series (in terms of ratings n advertisers interest) in the future.

Qingwa said...

The ending capture my heart.

This series made me think of my old frieds.

Love Hazel,

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