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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Charmaine Sheh is regretful not taking part in [War & Beauty 2]

[Mingpao 22/01/2012]

Charmaine Sheh confirmed that she was unable to take part in TVB grand production [War & Beauty 2], which made her feel regretful. Since the decision to film [WAB2] was announced, the public anticipated the original role to take part in the sequel. Unfortunately, Bowie Lam has already left TVB, Gigi Lai retired and Charmaine was unable to take part due to schedule clash. Currently the confirmed cast consists of Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, Christine Ng, Astrid Chan, Moses Chan etc. Charmaine regretfully said: "There should be a lot of sparks with Ada. But we are unable to accommodate the schedule, therefore have to give up."

Yesterday Charmaine attended the promotional event for Jonathan Chik new series [4 in Love]. She revealed that the filming progress of Mainland China series [The Legend of Yuan Empire Founder] has been delayed and they only could complete filming around the end of March. The timeline was a month later from [WAB2], therefore they really have no other way. She frankly admitted she really wanted to film [WAB2]. Originally, the schedule was just 2 weeks apart, which she feels she could still handle. Unfortunately in the end she still couldn't participate. "I really wish to collaborate with Ada; there should be a lot of sparks. I feel regretful not able to take part."

Charmaine still took time off her schedule to promote [4 in Love] proving that she has not forgotten her roots. She will be spending Chinese New Year in Mainland China as she will be taking part in real estate event on the first 2 days, then returning to Hengdian on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year to resume filming [Yuan]. Therefore, she can only take part in this round of promotional activity for [4 in Love].

Additional excerpts from Takungpao:

  • Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong, Elvina Kong, Tracy Ip, Wai Ka Hung, Stephen Huynh, Rachel Kan and cast from [4 in Love] visited a centre for the elderly yesterday to promote their new series. The cast wrote Chinese New Year greetings with the character 'love' and gave presents to the elderly. Among the cast, Charmaine was very well received by the elderly. Not only did they praise her being pretty, they also shake hands with her. The playful Elvina was also popular. Charmaine indicate that this will be the only promotional event she can attend for the series and revealed that she will not be taking part in [WAB2].
  • Mentioning that the cast of [4 in Love] is a replica of [When Heaven Burns], will Charmaine worry that audience will feel bored? Charmaine laughed: "It's just three of us (repeat main cast from WHB)." She also point out that this series is one of Jonathan Chik most relaxed series; the mood will not be heavy.
  • As [Yuan] has delayed its filming progress, will they be compensating Charmaine? Charmaine frankly said that they did.

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