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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Charmaine Sheh feeling happy that [When Heaven Burns] receives good feedback

[Singtao 03/01/2012]

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh returned to Hong Kong to attend an event. She indicates that she couldn't make it to watch the airing of [When Heaven Burns] last episode. However, she did paid attention to the news and found it strange that the ending was leaked online earlier. Regarding rumored ex-boyfriend Kevin Cheng re-entering the music scene again, she smiled and said: "He likes singing, wish him success."

Yesterday, Charmaine attended [Lions Clubs] charity event as its goodwill ambassador. She noticed a lot of elderly attended the event and they reminded her of her maternal grandmother who have difficulties walking.

Mentioning her TVB series which has just finished airing, Charmaine said that she just returned to Hong Kong yesterday, therefore she didn't watch the broadcast. However, she has watched the ending 2 years ago while doing dubbing for the series. She also indicates that she paid attention to [When Heaven Burns] news too. Regarding the series being banned in Mainland China, she felt stunned and disappointed. "The series have remaining 8-10 episodes to go when it was banned. I'm thankful for the support from Hong Kong audiences. (Do you know that the ending was leaked online?) I saw the news and I felt strange as this is supposed to be TVB top secret. (Rumors that TVB intention to suppress the ratings?) Won't be. (Feel that the ratings were affected?) More or less will be affected, but most important is that Hong Kong audience can watch the ending. I'm satisfied with the ending; being able to conclude the series in full. (Do you know that after TVB aired the ending, they uploaded the entire series on official site (myTV) for rewatch?) This is a good arrangement, people can rewatch the series. This is because majority of the audiences are from younger generation, they will be pleased with this arrangement."

Mingpao interview clip

Asked if she felt that she could fight for TV Queen award if [WHB] was aired earlier, Charmaine replied: "I don't know. However, the series getting good feedback and becoming the hottest topic in town are good enough. (Did you expect such great response during filming?) Never. (Did the script make you feel sensitive?) No, during filming we practiced flying scripts (last minute, on-the-spot scripts). After we received the scripts, we will hide at one corner to memorize the lines. I only concentrated on my acting and memorizing the lines. (Rumors that the series was banned in Mainland China due to its sensitive lines?) I don't know the reason; hope it will be found out soon. (Are you affected?) An actor is quite passive, we won't think too much during filming."

As for her rumored ex-boyfriend Kevin Cheng entering the music scene again, she smiled and said: "He likes singing, wish him success. (Did he sing for you?) He get paid to sing." Meanwhile, Charmaine expressed that she will be returning to Hengdian today to resume filming for series [Legend of Yuan Empire Founder]. She will be spending Lunar New Year in Mainland China. "We will be heading to Inner Mongolia again to film outdoor scenes. The temperature there is -30 degree Celcius, therefore I will prepare heat packs and winter clothing."

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Charmaine will be heading to Ordos, Inner Mongolia after Lunar New Year. Filming for [Yuan] is expected to conclude by March 2012.

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