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Saturday, December 03, 2011

[When Heaven Burns] Newcomer Standout – Stanley Cheung finds Charmaine Sheh unforgettable

[Mingpao Weekly Issue 2247]

Stanley Cheung King Shun is an unfamiliar name, but series [When Heaven Burns], the 'Ka Ming' who dated young Charmaine Sheh; the youth that was eaten by others… We believe that everyone has some recollection of this name. Many netizens and audiences have given good review toward this newcomer's fresh and natural performance.

He laughed: "I'm very lucky to meet Producer Jonathan Chik in my first official series, even having scenes with Charmaine. She made everyone noticed me…"

The Stanley Cheung in front of us has a fresh face, but do not have the bad habits of youth born in 80's. The way he speaks is clear and orderly. "This is because I can be considered as entering entertainment business since 2003. I dabbled in the music scene and released an EP in a three member group called Cheers. It feels weird because back then, I have yet to make real achievements, but people already start flattering me. Of course it was enjoyable but it feels unrealistic. Later, due to contract disputes with the label company, a lot of jobs also stopped coming. It was until 2007 when I joined TVB and was chosen to be TVbeople; which is to promote the company. Due to this identity (TVB ambassador), I could not accept other jobs. In 2008, I entered TVB acting class and my first job was hosting [Scoop]."

Only have 60 cents in bank account

Usually, newcomers will experience poverty for a period of time. "Between 2007 to 2008, I have no other jobs and have to depend on selling collectibles to help my income, earning around HKD2000 monthly. That is not even enough for basic necessities and I had to depend on my family support. I remember during the worst period when I only have 66 cents in my bank account. Fortunately, my family finance was considered ok and helped me through. Me and buddy Sammy Sum also helped each other out. After enduring this situation for over a year, I signed management contract with TVB and they allowed me to host [TVB Entertainment News] and act in series at the same time. This arrangement allows me to keep a steady income and I feel more at ease in filming series."

[When Heaven Burns] is Stanley's official debut in television series. The series consist of 1st class cast and crew, in which Stanley has scenes with leading actress Charmaine Sheh. "First day at work, we filmed the scene where we stayed inside the tent to avoid the rain. I was standing alone at the side and no one bothered with me. However, Charmaine came over and said she want to rehearse the script with me. She also told me not to feel nervous. I still remember my birthday took place during the period of filming. Charmaine heard me mentioning this to a crew member in the makeup room, and shortly afterward she approached and said: "It's your birthday today. Follow my car during meal break, I'll treat you to a meal, you can choose what you want to eat!" Later we when we had Vietnamese food in Kowloon; I was trembling while eating. I feel that she is so successful for a reason; good acting, treating others nicely, taking care of other people, not arrogant at all yet has leadership qualities. She has the flair of a Big Sister. Being able to partner onscreen with her, and the character being Ka Ming who holds importance to Charmaine, the audiences more or less were influenced to notice me." As for his natural performance, he attributes it to producer Jonathan Chik. "This is a big production and I'm still a newbie, but he just asked me to portray the way it feels natural to me."

Do not repost translation without prior permission.

Sehseh: No doubt Charmaine has always been known as the Big Sisters among younger generation of TVB artistes. Charmaine herself also experienced hardships of being bullied while she was still a newbie, so she is patient and doesn't mind coaching them.

Due to my personal anticipation of [WHB], during its filming days I also followed the progress of the young cast namely Angel Chiang, Kevin Leung, Moon Law, Yeung Chiu Hoi. I was curious with 'Ka Ming' and discovered more about Stanley through Angel's xanga, as they were already buddies since TVpeople days. Apart from being natural onscreen, Jonathan Chik picked him due to his experience in singing - Stanley is indeed talented in singing. Some demo clips I saved from his now defunct xanga:

TVbeople promo - 断线

Cover - Too Bad I'm Aquarius

Cheers - 想着你 睡不着

MV 十年約會 from CHEERS days

TVbeople promo clip (with Sammy Shum)

Cover of 'Grandma' with Sammy, Leo & Moon
Stanley is the one wearing black hoodie, Sammy is wearing white shirt with scarf

Stanley, add oil! Hope TVB will give opportunities to these younger artistes (including Angel, Moon etc) to play more significant roles rather than cardboard characters and obligatory colleagues/sidekicks.


Qingwa said...

I’m too notice Stanley Cheung King Shun because of Charmaine.

I find they have chemistry and cute.

Every time Hazel sad because she miss Ka Ming made me sad too.

I think Stanley portray the role ‘Ka Ming’ very well, I’ve no doubt why Hazel love him.

The songs are quite good to listen.

Is something wrong with the song ‘Descendants of the Dragon’ It’s not smooth.

Qingwa said...

Kelvin Leung is another one that I noticed him because of Charmaine.

I like him in Can't Buy Me Love.

sehseh said...

Qingwa, I re-uploaded the clip twice but not sure why it sounded so. The original mp3 was fine :(

Qingwa said...

Maybe it's due to internet connection in my country.

It's ok I still be able to listen only not smooth.

Love this article, happy to know that young generation really admire Charmaine.

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