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Friday, December 30, 2011

《天與地》 When Heaven Burns last episode trailer

Warning: Contained Major Spoilers

The last two episodes of [When Heaven Burns] will be aired on 1.1.2012, 9pm on TVB Jade and TVB HD channel.

How to watch TVB live:

1. Go to

2. Run your mouse over TVB HD Channel (or Jade, if you don't want HD)

3. You will see the button unveiled itself like below. Click on [2]

4. You will be brought to a download page. Download the .rar file and extract the folder in your computer/laptop

5. Install 1, then 2. Then click on Instructions, follow the step on how to edit the plugins to watch HD format.

6. Go back to and click on the TVB HD Channel link again (the chinese letters in blue)

7. A new page will pop up, wait for your stream to load and voila! Live streaming for WHB ending episodes!

Important note: Only works on IE (Internet Explorer). Please check your region timezone vs Hong Kong to avoid missing the live broadcast.

Do not repost.

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