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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stanley Cheung radio interview @ 守下留情 RTHK2 (updated Part 2, end)

Part 1

Part 2

1. The scene where Stanley sang 'The Grey Trail' with Charmaine sitting in front of them is particularly stressful. In that scene, Ka Ming and the group were performing happily in front of young Yan (Angel Chiang) and the producer requested for Ka Ming to tease and flirt a little with Yan. It resulted in a few NGs when they switched the time frame to mature Yan (Charmaine), as her character is solemn and Charmaine herself has quite an imposing presence.

2. Stanley most memorable scene in WHB is the telephone tent scene where he met Charmaine. It was also his first filmed scene for the series. Stanley is extremely grateful to Charmaine for her guidance. This is his first major role (previously he only played background characters) and he was quite shocked to be working with Charmaine, whom he admired as an actress. That day, they were filming at a remote area and basically the other cast and crew ignored him. Charmaine approached him and asked to rehearse the scripts. During filming, she also give subtle cues when he did well in the scenes, giving him confidence. Normally, cast member only memorize their own scripts and hardly rehearse before filming, therefore he thanked Charmaine for making him feel less outcast.

In a separate interview excerpt in FACE magazine, Stanley is very grateful that Charmaine treated him a birthday meal, and gave him pointers on acting and how to present himself in front of producers. Charmaine was not arrogant and was willing to teach him, and he later found out that not all seniors will be willing to do that.

Angel Chiang, the actress that portrays young Yan also admired Charmaine for her frank and easygoing attitude. Once the younger actors asked Charmaine whether FFOSM was her first series, she immediately laughed and said: "Why, you want to say I performed badly? Yes, I performed horribly!"

p.s. Charmaine is such a wonderful mentor to her juniors :)

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DavidWoon said...

Charm-aine always a nice human being ! :)

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