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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Charmaine Sheh says that [When Heaven Burns] airing break is too long

[Oriental Daily, The Sun, Mingpao 13/12/2011]

Yesterday Charmaine Sheh attended the press conference for slimming company Perfect Shape, officially listed in the stock market. She refused to reveal whether she bought shares and jokingly said that it's business secret.

Regarding the [When Heaven Burns] scriptwriter Chow Yuk Ming sarcastic comment toward TVB anniversary award being a joke and accusing them of neglecting the series, Charmaine expressed that she is unsure about this, therefore she won't be commenting. However, she frankly stated that the airing break could be too long for some audiences. She can't intervene as this is the company arrangement. She doesn't feel that the series was neglected: "We did have promotions. (Not getting promotion since you are no longer TVB biological daughter?) I don't know, you have to ask TVB!" Charmaine expressed that she is happy being able to take part in this series. "High ratings representing popularity and good acting is quite subjective. I hope those who likes this series will continue to support (us)."

On the other hand, there were allegations that Viann Zhang was feeling jealous because Ron Ng went to Toby Leung wedding after party with Charmaine. Charmaine said: "We knew who went to the after party and who didn't. (Have you went out with Ron at other times?) I'm seldom in Hong Kong, rarely meet him." When asked whether she feel wrongly accused, Charmaine commented that she is used to being dragged into water, she no longer has feelings toward this kind of news.

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