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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Charmaine Sheh not in a hurry about empty love life

[Wenweipo 25/12/2011]

The historical epic [Legend of Yuan Empire Founder] which comprises of director Xu Xiao Ming, Hu Jun, Charmaine Sheh, Tang Guo Qiang, Ray Lui and other big stars has already filmed more than halfway. Charmaine Sheh who portrays Empress Chabi in the series accepted an interview in Beijing. She indicates that she has already signed with a company in Mainland China and hope that she will have the opportunity to portray ugly woman in the future. Regarding the rumors of her reconciliation with Kevin Cheng, she replied: "Don't know who said it, my love life is empty right now." However, she frankly said that love has to depend on fate, so she is not in a hurry.

[Commemoration of 20 Years of China Television] was recently held in Beijing. During the runway segment, Charmaine Sheh appeared in a black and white fur coat. She looked both casual and elegant at the same time, making her one of the most popular celebrities of the evening. Asked if her choice of wardrobe is related to her role in [Yuan], she smiled and said, "Have to be more ingenious for runway."

As for her rumors with Kevin Cheng, Charmaine expressed that she doesn't know the source of the news. She frankly said that her schedules are packed, so she doesn't have any time for romance at the moment. As for her ideal boyfriend, she stated that he must be kind, and good to his family and friends: "Love depends on fate, therefore there's no need to hurry."

Real filming set in Mainland China makes it easier to immerse in character 

Currently, a lot of Hong Kong and Taiwan artistes are expanding their career in Mainland China. Charmaine has ended her contract with TVB this year and signed on with a company in Mainland China. Mentioning TVB, Charmaine appeared to be still leaning on their side. She indicates that it was TVB who raised her up, taught many things and of course, gave a lot of opportunities to her. However as an artiste she must learn to revolutionise; stepping into the outside world by herself and have a look. The truth is, she only stepped out half as she will still film series for TVB, "They have good scripts, and I don't feel too burdensome." For Charmaine, there's not much difference between filming in Mainland China and Hong Kong. The biggest difference is that Mainland China rarely used a built set but more on real set during filming. "The feeling is different, more realistic. It's easier to immerse in the character."

Mandarin dialogue is the biggest challenge

Discussing about the filming progress of [Yuan], Charmaine indicate that the biggest challenge for her role as Empress Chabi is speaking the dialogue in Mandarin. She sighed that it was tiring and difficult. However, the tough side of her refuse to give up: "I'm still learning, no problem." She expressed that due to filming the series, she is required to ride horse in Inner Mongolia. Hence, her horseriding skill has improved as well. Charmaine also revealed that she likes calligraphy and will practice between filming breaks.

Hope to create sparks with Hu Jun

The production of [Yuan] has been very secretive of their costumes and did not reveal the main cast looks until recently. Hu Jun version of Kublai Khan are tough and sentimental; Charmaine version of young Chabi is beautiful and elegant, after she is married she became more mature and wise. Wu Yue version of Ariq Böke is enthusiastic in the beginning, and later part becoming more warrior-like.

[Yuan] narrated Kublai Khan and Chabi romance in a lighthearted format. Chabi was once chased out of the tent by Kublai Khan, resulting in her fallen onto a pool of mud. However, they resolved their misunderstanding shortly afterward and became closer to one another. Charmaine said she enjoyed portraying this historical female figure and agreed with Empress Chabi perspective in love. She feels that Kublai Khan is an ideal husband. As for her first collaboration with Hu Jun, Charmaine expressed: "To me it's something refreshing; hope there will be chemistry and sparks."

Charmaine has filmed plenty of costume series; mostly appearing in beautiful and elegant looks. Discussing about her expectations for upcoming projects, she laughed and said she wished to portray an ugly woman. "No makeup, looking filthy, having a huge mole on face can be quite fun. (Not afraid of ruining image?) We are pretty most of the time, I won't mind being not pretty for a few months just for fun!" However she indicates that she has never purposely picked a series based on period (costume or modern series). As long as there is good script and formidable onscreen partner, she will film the series.

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DavidWoon said...

I guess Charm-aine will not having a empty love life ! Her "love" life always contended with different kind of "love" . People who wish to like/care/love her , will know and understand that there is "a special way" to treat Charm-aine ! :)

Funn Lim said...

Tang Guo Qiang? Familiar...OMG, Yongzheng!!! What is his role? Any picture with Charmaine? How he looks like now?!??!

Anyway Steven Ma is quite prominent in the poster. Any scene with Charmaine?

Funn Lim said...

"Discussing about the filming progress of [Yuan], Charmaine indicate that the biggest challenge for her role as Empress Chabi is speaking the dialogue in Mandarin. She sighed that it was tiring and difficult. "

Why suffer? Voice gonna be dubbed anyway however fluent. So why not do it the Kevin way? Speak cantonese. I just hope the one who dubs her is not some robot sounding shrilly female voice.

sehseh said...

Yes, it was the same Tang Guo Qiang.

He is portraying Genghis Khan in the series.

Steven Ma role get heavy in the middle to the end as Liu Bing Zhong

Yes he have scenes with Charmaine.

She wanted to improve her Mandarin, and from interviews and fan account, she has became quite fluent. In interviews she responded slower a bit (she need to think up the whole sentence in Mandarin), but it is very good for HK artistes.

Earlier, she also hired a private tutor to teach her Mandarin. According to Catherine Chow, Charmaine prefer to speak Mandarin even with HK friends, when she is in Hengdian.

Funn Lim said...

Good for her then but however fluent still dubbed. Sometimes what a pity for some actors I feel has nice voices.

Must be old Genghis Khan! In fact this is Kublai Khan story right? Woahhhh old Genghis!

But how come steven's hairstyle like Qing? Or did my eyes deceive me?!

I think I am excited abut this series because reading wiki his role seems important. No wonder he argued with TVB for this.

Funn Lim said...

Sehseh, picture seems awesome costume! The actor hardly aged. Post more on this series; this is a huge deal, and more on the rest of the cast!

sehseh said...

Not that I don't want to post, but the production is really secretive! Even news article also put repeated stuff.

All I know the main cast (including the older generation) are established actors/actress and some of them have Mongolian blood. Some supporting characters and many kelefehs are also real Mongolians.

They are building a gigantic outdoor set in Ordos, Inner Mongolia and they will be heading there to film after CNY. Previously, they filmed in Duolon Inner Mongolia in the month of Oct-Nov. Now is Hengdian studio filming.

Pictures of Ordos set (in progress)

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