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Friday, December 16, 2011

Charmaine Sheh: Good scripts are easier to find than a good man, Chances for next year TV Queen depends on [When Heaven Burns]

[Oriental Daily, Mingpao 16/12/2011]

Charmaine Sheh really liked her character in [When Heaven Burns] and even wrote a personal journal for her character during the filming period. Due to the character bearing too much burden from the past, Charmaine mood became depressed as well. Recently the entertainment circle is laden with wedding bells; Charmaine frankly admitted that she has yet to meet a suitable marriage partner. She even joked: "Good scripts are easier to find than a good man!"

Good scripts are easier to find than a good man

Currently, Charmaine has a per series contract with TVB. The series [When Heaven Burns] which was filmed 2 years ago finally get broadcasted. However, since its broadcast there were allegations that the series was not given importance, and combined with the rumors that Bowie Lam and Charmaine did not extend their management contract with TVB, the series airing date keep getting delayed. Finally, the series finally see the light of day after TVB anniversary.

Asked if she felt disappointed with such arrangement, Charmaine replied: "I do not know what are the reasons for the delay, and I have no intention to find out either. As an actress, I feel satisfied enough being able to take part and polish my acting. The filming progress is a happy one and I can try different types of roles. Nowadays, this kind of role is not easy to find, it's very fortunate being able to come across such scripts. In the series, everyone bears a heavy burden from the past, feeling quite depressed during filming. I remember that before filming, I took a holiday break in Hawaii. I keep imagining, writing a personal journal for my character. In that month, I felt really unhappy because I need to immerse myself in the role. This series really has a lot of feel to it; it was quite difficult to film as well.

Mentioning the recent surge of weddings among celebrities, Charmaine joked: "Good scripts are easier to find than a good man! (Don't you want to have children earlier?) I'm not considering that at the moment, I barely can handle myself, and taking care of myself is very tiring."

On the other hand, [WHB] producer Chik Kei Yi will be filming the sequel for [War & Beauty] next year. Will she be taking part? Charmaine said: "In discussion! Personally, of course I'd like to film the series. However I already agreed to another producer to film series (during that period), I need to respect other people too. Have to re-negotiate." Asked if she had better development after leaving TVB, Charmaine frankly answered: "I've always felt that the world outside is much bigger and better. I told myself that new challenge will keep my passion alive. At least, I get to collaborate with new cast and crew outside, giving a fresh feeling to myself. At first, I was a bit worried that I can’t get accustomed, worried that I can't communicate with outside actors. However, to date our collaboration is an enjoyable one."

Chances for next year TV Queen depends on [When Heaven Burns]

Charmaine Sheh two years old series [When Heaven Burns] finally get 'released' and has since aired 18 episodes. Though the ratings has not been ideal and there were mixed reactions toward the series; with some people doesn't understand the expression using crossover of time and space; some unable to accept the cannibalism theme; however some also lavished praises for its new approach. However, the common point is that the audiences praised Charmaine's acting. There are some netizens who felt unfair for her, pointing out that if the series was aired before TVB anniversary, the TV Queen award might not have fallen into Myolie Wu's possession. Evidently, Charmaine's charisma has not wavered at all.

"Maybe next year (I) will have chance to compete for TV Queen, hope everyone have not forgotten [When Heaven Burns] by then. I am satisfied with the feedback, proving there's improvement. I thank producer Jonathan Chik for giving the role of 'Yip Zhi Yan' to me. Actually, the most important thing for an actor is improvement; awards are a form of encouragement to actors. It’s already enough having good feedback. As for netizens' praises, I'm overwhelmed. Perhaps the genre, roles and producers are different; Myolie is a very hardworking actress. I feel happy that she won. It's hard to please the entire world, some will feel happy, and some won't."

Charmaine revealed that when she first received the scripts for [WHB], she already knew that our parent's generations might not like the series as the storyline is a bit difficult to understand. On contrary the younger generation might like it, and in the end the prediction is correct. "Personally I liked the role of Yip Zhi Yan. It's different from my previous roles, she bears a heavy burden; during her teenage years her boyfriend died and her other friend pushed the responsibilities away. Therefore I have to portray heavy emotions and did homework earlier. Though the series ratings is just average, but I consider winning with the good feedbacks. Ratings depended on right time and conditions, plus the ratings at year end will be a bit low. These are out of our control as an artiste."

Being praised for her acting, will Charmaine take part in Jonathan Chik upcoming sequel for [War & Beauty] next year? "My contract with TVB stipulates to film at least 20 episodes of series per year. However, I have already verbally promised another Mainland China producer to film a series in February next year and the crew are already in midst of preparation. I'm trying really hard to negotiate a postponement with the investors. If everyone can adjust the schedule, I might be able to film [WAB2]." In other words, Charmaine still have chance to take part in this TVB grand production.

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