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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Charmaine Sheh is interested in Japanese and Korean market

[The Sun 10/12/2011]

Recently, Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh won Best Actor and Best Actress award at the 16th Asian Television Award held in Singapore. Evergreen Mak and Fala Chen also won Best Supporting Actor and Actress respectively. Yesterday the group return victoriously to Hong Kong minus Charmaine as she need to resume filming series in Hengdian, Mainland China. The previously rumored couple Kevin and Charmaine often ran into each other recently. During the award presentation, they coincidentally wore matching outfits. Charmaine wore a white tube dress while Kevin wore a dark tuxedo. It looked more like wedding outfits!

During the phone interview, Charmaine says: "I'm so overjoyed that I can't sleep. I'm proud of myself as I didn't cry onstage and kept calm! Actually, Hong Kong is quite small. If you put effort into your work, we can reach bigger goals!" She look forward having the chance to explore the Japanese and Korean market, hoping to be able to collaborate with Japanese actor Takenouchi Yutaka. Mentioning her 'wedding outfit' with Kevin, Charmaine could only laugh. As for the triple TV King winner Kevin, he expressed that the judges for the award are professionals in the industry, therefore he is even happier to receive their acknowledgement.

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