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Thursday, November 17, 2011

《天與地》 When Heaven Burns trailer 6 (Charmaine character trailer)


Charmaine: He lied to me for so many years… I’ve never felt happy all these years!
Moses: All my life, I've loved one woman only.
Bowie: I can hide this feeling for the rest of my life.
Angela: I understand my husband. I know how he feels about you.
Charmaine: The few years after Ka Ming passed away, I kept dreaming of him dying. I do not want to dream about it anymore…

The song playing in the background is Beyond's [I Like You 喜歡妳]:

喜歡你 那雙眼動人
I like you Those mesmerizing eyes
笑聲更迷人 願再可
The charming laughter I wish once again
輕撫你 那可愛面容
To caress your lovely face
挽手說夢話像昨天 你共我
Hold your hands and whispers Like how we used to be

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Qingwa said...

I love Hazel, she's rock and cool.

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