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Sunday, November 06, 2011

《天與地》 When Heaven Burns trailer 2

Credit to HKLOVE.ORG

Young Bowie: Between money and women, which will you choose?
Young Moses: No need to choose, I only loves music.
Moses: I do not like remembering the past. What music, what band… it's really stupid.
(Once you betrayed yourself)
Moses: You can only survive by being selfish. I did all these things for your money.
Kenny: It’s all lies! What have you done? Do you still have principles as a human being?!
Charmaine: You are no longer the person I know!
(Path of no return)
Moses: Struggling all these 18 years, I feel so tired…

The song playing in the background is Beyond's [Grey Trail 灰色軌跡]:

酒一再沉溺 何時麻醉我抑鬱
Drowning in alcohol again Waiting to numb my sorrow
Everything in the past will be suppressed
衝不破牆壁 前路無法看的清
Can't break through these walls Can't see clearly my path ahead
Struggling and living under forced circumstances

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