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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

《天與地》 When Heaven Burns official site


Doomed trip

Year 1992, Hui Ka Ming (Stanley Cheung) together with Lau Jun Hung (Moon Law), Cheng Jing Hin (Kelvin Leung) and Sung Chi Long (Yeung Chiu Hoi) established a rock band and with his girlfriend Yip Zhi Yan (Angel Chiang), spent the best 11 months in their lives together.

In winter, the performance gigs for the band become lesser and their passion to create music began to waver. Inside their heart, they knew that they will eventually disband. Before disbanding, Ka Ming suggested that they should backpack and head to Tianshan Mountain together. Due to a small quarrel between the lovers, the original 5 person journey ends up with the 4 boys. During their expedition, they were trapped on top of the mountain for 20 days due to snowstorm. In the end, only Long, Hung and Hin survived the snowstorm, while Ming disappeared without a trace… The band disbanded afterward.

Forbidden romance

After going separate paths for 18 years, they reunited and gingerly reminisces their youth and the unknown implications from these memories. In order to fulfil Ka Ming last wishes, Yip Zhi Yan (Charmaine Sheh) tried to forgive the three ex-buddies who spent the last days with Ka Ming on that doomed trip. She tried her best to rebuild their friendship. Using her own effort and influence, she enthusiastically aims to organize a rock festival that truly belongs to Hong Kong. Unfortunately, once again she developed a forbidden romance with Lau Jun Hung (Bowie), Cheng Jing Hin (Kenny Wong) and Sung Chi Long (Moses Chan).

Ma Wing Yee (Astrid Chan) originally thought that after disbanding, Jun Hung will be complacent and resume his career as an accountant. However, their sweet marriage only lasted for two years when Jun Hung once again abandoned his career and followed workers union leader Kong Siu Chuen (Lau Dan) and wholeheartedly involve in defending union workers rights. In the past 15 years, Hung only gained a small reputation in the society, but lost their marriage. If it weren't for Yi who refused to give up, it's impossible for both of them to stay under the same roof. Yi thought that she understand her husband who never accomplished anything very well, but didn't expect Hung have two huge secrets: among them is his 18 years of infatuation toward his death friend's girlfriend Yan.

Yung Cheuk Tong (Maggie Shiu) inherited fortune over a billion after her father passed away. In the past 20 years, her elder sister Yung Cheuk Wah (Elaine Kam) took care of the family business. Through money laundering and managing the black stock market, Wah manage to strengthen their family influence. Meanwhile, the sheltered Tong decided to marry Long despite objections from Wah. Hopelessly in love with Long, she doesn't give up despite knowing that Long cared most for Yan for the past 18 years.

Yeung Suet Mei (Angela Tong) placed heavy importance on family. After she found out that Hin have Stargardt disease and will eventually turn blind, she is reluctant to leave him. Hin optimistic and resilient attitude gave positive influence to people around him. He manages to move Hung, Long and Yan to let go off the pain from Ka Ming's death and rebuild their friendship. During their regular hang outs, Yan and Hin developed feelings for each other and their relationship became ambiguous.

Three friends who manage to rebuild their friendship, different attempts to develop extramarital affair with her, troubled Yan greatly. At this time, they received the news that a portion of snow on Tianshan Mountain has melted and exposed the remains of Ka Ming…

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Qingwa said...

Interesting story, I'm more excited to watch the series.

Love Charmaine costumes in this series, cool and rock.

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