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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Charmaine Sheh denies poaching TVB artistes for Ricky Wong

[Mingpao 20/10/2011]

Though TVB Fadan Charmaine Sheh has left the nest to concentrate in Mainland China market and signed with new company MediaQuiz, she still maintained a per series contract with TVB. Recently there were allegations that Charmaine has joined the poaching tide by coaxing TVB artistes to sign contract with Ricky Wong (owner of new TV channel City Telecom). Charmaine close friend Catherine Chau, whose contract with TVB expires in October did not renew her contract. Another rumor is that Charmaine has targeted Tavia Yeung as well, helping Ricky Wong to invite Tavia to become his front line Fadan. In addition, Ricky Wong earlier has personally invited Bowie Lam for meals, and it was rumored that he targeted Joe Ma and Michael Tao as well. Charmaine was accused as the leader and labeled as 'traitor'. Yesterday Charmaine's new management company MediaQuiz issued an official statement to clarify the matter and indicate that their business relations with City Telecom are not related to Charmaine.

The statement issued by MediaQuiz Production and Distribution Company Limited to media as below:

"Our company relationship with City Telecom is purely a business decision intended to provide a greater room of development for local artistes. Ms. Charmaine Sheh did not participate at all in our business decisions or operations. We would like to express our deepest apology for innocently involving Charmaine into this issue. In the future, we hope the media will refrain from using insulting words to harm innocent artistes for the sake of sensationalizing articles. Before publishing subjective opinions and contents, please understand the whole situation before taking action."

In the statement, MediaQuiz indicate they reserve the right to take legal action against articles that damages Charmaine Sheh and the company's reputation.

Reporters contacted Charmaine's manager Tina to investigate about the poaching allegations. Tina indicates that Charmaine has been filming series in Mainland China all along and is not aware of this issue. She still has per series filming contract with TVB and this rumor put Charmaine in an awkward position. TVB will be airing Charmaine's series [When Heaven Burns] in November and she hope to return to HK to promote the series. Both parties still maintain a good relationship.

With regards whether Charmaine's good friend Catherine Chau will be following her to expand career in Mainland China, Tina said that Catherine's contract with TVB will end late October and she will personally announce her future plans.

Asked about the nature of business between MediaQuiz and City Telecom, does the 'room of development for local artistes' includes City Telecom? Tina indicates this is business collaboration and they will make an announcement later. However, Charmaine is an independent entity and will not be affected by the company business operations. Two days ago, Charmaine revealed on Weibo that she was injured during filming. Tina explained that she fell but it was nothing serious.

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