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Friday, September 23, 2011

Empress Chabi Charmaine Sheh (filming news)

Does not complaint about late night filming

[Sina Ent 22/09/2011]

Grand production historical series [Legend of Yuan Empire Founder] directed by Tsui Siu Ming is currently filming briskly in Duolun, Inner Mongolia. Charmaine Sheh who is portraying Empress Chabi joined the filming crew on the 20th and had filmed 3 scenes successfully. These include a night scene with took place until very late. Apart from this, Charmaine also posted a picture of herself in costume on weibo, attracting the attention of many fans.

A collaboration between Beijing Shentong (北京阳光盛通) and Bona Film Group Limited, [Yuan] boasted famous cast such as Hu Jun, Charmaine Sheh, Wu Yue, Gao Fa, Ray Lui, Tang Guo Qiang etc. It has been a month since the series started shooting and from this week onward, main cast of the series will be arriving at the filming location. Among them is Charmaine Sheh who portrays Empress Chabi. The three scenes she had just filmed are related to Hu Jun's Kublai Khan, including discussing about Kublai with her female companions, being informed by family that Kublai arrived to seek her hand in marriage, and searching for Kublai at the military camp without success. The filming took all night before she wraps up and return to hotel.

The costumes of the series are designed by renowned Hong Kong costume designer; Bobo Wu. The new look of Hu Jun, Charmaine Sheh and Wu Jun attracted the curiosity of many, but the production crew has yet to reveal any information. As for now, Charmaine revealed in her weibo that she has finished reading scripts and posted a picture of herself in costume. Fans admired her looks and praised: "Too beautiful."

Beijing Shentong invested RMB150 million to produce [Yuan]; which revolves around the historical character Kublai Khan and his feat in establishing Yuan dynasty and conquering China. As a child, Kublai Khan witnessed with his own eyes how his father Tolui was plotted against and resulted in his death. This has greatly impacted his childhood and gradually, he developed the desire to unite the Mongolian kingdom. He also met his lifetime companion; Empress Chabi. They were childhood friends and mutually support each other through weal and woe.

Empress Chabi seeks for husband, Hu Jun end up being described as a beastly

[Sina Ent 23/09/2011]

TV series [Legend of Yuan Empire Founder] starring Hu Jun, Charmaine Sheh, Wu Yue, Gao Fa, Ray Lui, Tang Guo Qiang etc is currently undergoing rapid shooting progress. In the series, Charmaine portrays the wise and beautiful Chabi, who assisted Kublai Khan in founding the Yuan dynasty. She already got acquainted to Kublai Khan when she was just a young girl. However, before they met for the first time, Chabi's female companion described him as over 10 foot tall, sounding beastly.

In the series, Kublai Khan was renowned for his military talents and contributions to the (Mongol) empire. Chabi extremely admired him and wanted to get acquainted with him. The amusing part is, prior to their first meeting, Chabi's female companion described him as over 10 foot tall and strong like a 'beast'. Still, this only increased Chabi's curiosity. After meeting Kublai, Chabi was attracted by his heroic stature and her candidness, intelligence and generosity left good impression on Kublai. Their relationship progressed swiftly.

Charmaine revealed that she will be portraying Chabi from youth to old age (death). When she met Kublai, "She is a youthful, happy and energetic girl. She married Kublai and became his wife; growing in the process." One thing to note is that even after she became an Empress, she doesn't have conflict with other women in the royal harem, "She is very skilled in political administration, and very friendly. No matter what, she keeps things amicable. Therefore she doesn’t have much conflict with others."

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