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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Charmaine Sheh becomes a Bigfoot?

[The Sun, Oriental Daily, Takungpao 10/09/11]

The day before, Charmaine Sheh, Louis Koo and mainland China actress Qin Lan attended shoe label 'Joy & Peace' fashion show held in Chengdu. Self-professed shoe addict; Charmaine was ecstatic to receive several pairs of shoes from the sponsor. She especially loves the design of furry boots. "I love to wear furry boots during winter. I already purchased in August because I'm afraid they will go out of stocks by winter!" Charmaine joked that because the boots have fur inside and out, she becomes a 'Bigfoot' after putting them on. "After putting them on, my feet looks like 3 sizes larger, hehe!"

Apart from boots, Charmaine also loves high heels. "I love high heels and furry boots the most. Because I'm not tall, therefore I like wearing high heels which makes me look taller. The steps is more elegant and most importantly, looks beautiful!" Charmaine's love life has always been the focus of many; however she has yet to find romance. "I don't need a handsome man; I like someone with a sense of humor. It's pleasant even to be friends or colleague."

Charmaine Sheh is obsessed with shoes

[The Sun, Oriental Daily 09/09/11]

Charmaine Sheh recently attended renowned shoe label ‘Joy & Peace’ fashion show held in Chengdu. She admitted that she is obsessed with shoes and collected more than a hundred pairs at home. She will at least buy a new pair of shoes everytime she went shopping. "I can't control myself; I want to cure myself of this addiction!" She indicates that the most expensive shoe she have is worth HKD20, 000. "Some of the shoes have not been worn before, despite being bought for 2, 3 years already. But I am very reluctant to give them away." Charmaine joked that she has no problem running in her heels, or even film fighting scenes in them.

Regarding the news of Justice Department appealing against the verdict of TVB General Manager Stephen corruption case, Charmaine appeared to be shocked: "I don't know that! What will happen then? I thought they already passed the verdict? Hope everything will be alright." Asked if she will contact Stephen, Charmaine replied: "I'm a witness, so I can't do that. He should be alright."

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