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Friday, September 30, 2011

Benny Chan exposes that Charmaine Sheh is earning $25k more than him

[Oriental Daily 30/09/2011]

Ex-TVB actors Benny Chan and Hawick Lau has already moved their acting career in Mainland China for many years and have since increased their fees twenty fold. They did not bother about the high salary poaching war going on in Hong Kong right now. Apart from revealing that he earning RMB200,000 per episode, Benny also exposed rumored ex-girlfriend Charmaine Sheh filming fees in Mainland China already reached to RMB250,000 per episode (approximately USD39,000)!

Next year, Hong Kong will have three new free to air TV station including Ricky Wong's [City Telecom]. The station (CT) already plan to invest HKD500 million to film television series and even used silver bullets (high fees) to poach behind the scene staffs from local stations. Benny and Hawick have moved their career t to Mainland China for 5, 6 years and their fees has 'elevated' from meager few thousands in TVB to RMB200k per episode. Increasing over twenty fold, they can earn more than RMB 10 million by filming two 30 episode series in one year. No wonder HK artistes are so eager!

Benny jokingly asked reporter not to publish his fees using big headlines as he is afraid of being kidnapped for ransom. However, he admitted that he paid notice to 'ex-flame' Charmaine Sheh who recently signed with a Mainland China agency. He even exposed that she is already earning RMB250k per episode.

Though Benny has yet to bump into Charmaine in Mainland China, he will definitely introduce his wife to her if the opportunity arise.

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