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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Charmaine supports Linda Chung in becoming next TV Queen

[Oriental Daily 30/08/2011]

Since Charmaine Sheh is no longer TVB biological daughter, her chances in winning TV Queen award is next to none. Charmaine herself understand the rules of the game and choose to concentrate on Mainland China market. Among TV Queen candidates, she supports Linda Chung and Myolie Wu, while TV King she supports good buddy Michael Tse.

Though she no longer has management contract with TVB, Charmaine continues to film their new series [4 in Love]. Last evening, Charmaine appeared in a catchy 60's retro outfit and filmed on top of a building in Mongkok Sai Yeung Choi Street along with Florence Kwok and 30 over extras. Most of the extras are foreigners – turned out that Charmaine's character was supposedly filming a Hollywood sci-fi movie. She is also required to wear white colored contact lenses. Charmaine said: "My vision becomes blurry after wearing the white contact lenses, it’s a bit tough."

Mentioning TVB anniversary award, audiences are paying attention on the upcoming TV King and Queen. Asked to pick her favorites, Charmaine frankly said: "For TV Queen, it's Michael Tse without doubt. We're friends; of course I need to support him first! I also know that [Lives of Omission] garnered good ratings, so it's a bit difficult for us to choose. (What about TV Queen?) Linda Chung in [Yes Sir, Sorry Sir] and Myolie Wu in [The Rippling Blossom] performed well. (Do you have confidence?) I don't think so, because I most probably would not be able to attend the award presentation. In September, I have to film [The Legend of Yuan Empire Founder] in Mainland China."

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