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Saturday, August 06, 2011

[Mingpao Issue 2230] [War & Beauty 2] to start filming in 2012

  • TVB is planning to film [WAB2] in February 2012
  • It will be helmed by the same [WAB] team; producer Jonathan Chik Kei Yi and scriptwriter Chow Yuk Ming.
  • It will have location filming, ie Mainland China.
  • Original cast such as Charmaine, Sheren Tang, Moses Chan, and Kenny Wong is considered to be cast in the sequel. Ada Choi was also approached to star.
  • TVB is now trying to confirm and co-ordinate the schedule of cast members.
  • Both Charmaine and Sheren have committed their schedule in Feb 2012 to other projects. They will try to see if they could negotiate a postponement of those projects.

Sehseh: I'm so excited with this news! Hopefully, Charmaine will be able to make time in her schedule for [WAB2].

Jonathan Chik mentioned that [WAB] ending was quite extensive and it would not be interesting to expand further from there. He also indicate that they have not started the storyboard or characters. Therefore, I believe that [WAB2] might be entirely new story and character. It will still speak of female struggles in palace, but I'm not surprised if he decided to make it another dynasty era (not Qing Dynasty).

Scans credit to KuangaiTVB BBS.


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JNguyen24 said...

YAY War and Beauty 2, so there using some of the same cast. Will it be like a different story or base on it.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping its not a sequel as such because I quite like how they ended that series. It would be ruined if they were to start of were they finished... since most people already perished.

Though it would be nice if they make it a different story like they did with Rosy business and No Regrets.

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