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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Charmaine Sheh to receive $10 million for filming series in Inner Mongolia

[The Sun 20/08/2011]

Yesterday, director Xu Xiao Ming verified with the publication that Charmaine has agreed to film a 50 episode historical series by Mainland China investors. The series will be filmed in Inner Mongolia and Charmaine's filming fee reached $10 million. With such hot demand in market, no wonder Charmaine is confident to leave the nest (TVB) to seize gold in Mainland China!

Charmaine who have exceptional acting skill, has continued to end up with 'zero' award in TVB anniversary award since her Double Queen triumph in 2006 for her role in [Maiden's Vow]. However, her representative works including [Beyond the Realm of Conscience] successfully broke into the Mainland China market for her. Accordingly, since Charmaine announced that she will not renew management contract with TVB, she became a hot property among Mainland China investors. In the end, Xu Xiao Ming manages to grab hold of this 'precious prize'.

Sources indicate that in order to show sincerity to Charmaine, Xu who is the director for the upcoming 50 episode historical series [The Legend of Yuan Empire Founder] successfully convinced the Mainland China investor to invite Charmaine with fees approaching $10 million. If this is true, that means Charmaine will be earning $200,000 per episode in Mainland China. This is a few times higher than her TVB filming fees.

When the reporter approached Xu for verification, he generously admitted that he offered the sky high fees of 8-figure sum to Charmaine. He lavishly praised that Charmaine is worth the money: "I have always admired her. Her acting is very natural and flexible especially in palace themed series. She also exudes the aura of nobility. In my series, Charmaine will be portraying the wise and virtuous Empress Chabi, wife of Kublai Khan." Charmaine's role starts from age 25 to 50 plus years old. With over 30 set of specially designed costumes and head ornaments adorned with pearls and agate, her wardrobe alone costs 6, 7-figure sum.

As for the leading actor, Xu smiled and said he also offered sky high fees to popular Mainland China actor Hu Jun. He indicates that they will be holding a press conference next week. Charmaine will be presence for costume tryout but she can only start filming early next month. Xu said: "She is really busy, so I adjusted the filming schedule for her. I will shoot other scenes first." As for Charmaine, she was not reachable for comment during the publication of this article.

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Sehseh: The press conference is scheduled on coming Monday, Aug 22nd. On a sidenote, Seoul International Drama Award will be announcing the winners of the Most Popular TV Artistes on the same day. It's definitely a good day... hehehe.

Article about Empress Chabi in history, if you are interested: Here

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