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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Charmaine Sheh to announce her agency in Mainland China soon

[, Sina Ent 14/08/2011]

Yesterday around 4:30pm, a sudden heavy downpour and thunder could not dampen the passion of fans who want to see their idol. On 13th August, hundreds of Charmaine Sheh fans gathered in Pudong, Shanghai at 'Fei Chai 6+1 Meet the Fans' session despite the heavy rain. After her close interaction with fans, Charmaine shared her viewpoints with reporters on her career expansion in Mainland China. According to Charmaine, she will announce her agency in Mainland China within these few days. However, she will be keeping the name of the company a secret at the moment.

Charmaine expressed that she will concentrate in her career in Mainland China after leaving TVB. She likes this kind of fresh feeling everyday; working with different people can create new sparks. However, she denies that her new employer is the widely rumored Huayi Brothers. She indicates that she will have collaborations with Huayi to a certain extent but it is not convenient for her to reveal more details at the moment.

Currently, Charmaine enjoyed the life of traveling between Hong Kong and Mainland China. She indicate that signing with a Mainland China company doesn't mean that she will abandon her career in Hong Kong. "I'm currently filming a romantic comedy at the moment; it's still collaboration with TVB. Take today for instance, I finished work around 1am in Hong Kong and immediately flew over to Shanghai for this event. I really like the feeling of being occupied."

During the interview, Charmaine did not deny the issue of pay differences between Hong Kong and Mainland China. However, this is not the main reason for her expansion to Mainland China. "I like to seek more challenges." Accordingly, Charmaine has the intention to take part in the television version of [If You are the One]. Charmaine confirmed this news but commented that they are still discussing the finer details. It's difficult to say when it will be finalized. Charmaine expressed that she will be collaborating with Hu Jun in September. This is her most anticipated and most important project for the time being. "I really anticipate acting across Hu Jun; he is very revered actor."

Recently, Rene Liu, Karen Mok etc suddenly announced of their marriage, making fans wonder when it will be Charmaine’s turn to find her other half. At this, Charmaine expressed that she prefer humorous and extroverted men, "I’m afraid of boredom." At the same time, Charmaine also expressed that she doesn't reject the old fashioned method of matchmaking. "As long as (I) find the right person."

Additional excerpts from Sina:

"My collaboration with TVB has not changed. I’m currently filming [4 in Love] with Moses Chan. If everything goes well, I will participate in [War & Beauty 2]. The preparation work is almost done."

Do not repost.

Sehseh: From what Charmaine revealed, it seems that she will be taking part in 《建元风云》 [Legend of Yuan Empire Founder]. Not only will it be an epic historical series with investment of RMB150 million, it's also Mainland China mainstream genre. The historical series about the founding of Yuan Dynasty (Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan) boasts top rate actors such as Hu Jun, Ray Lui, Tang Guo Qiang, Wu Yue. It's pretty much male dominance series with battle scenes aplenty, let's hope Charmaine's role will be a challenging one!

p.s. Waiting for more confirmation, ie interview clips at the moment...

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