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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Charmaine Sheh look forward creating sparks with Hu Jun

[Legend of Yuan Empire Founder] starts filming
Charmaine Sheh look forward creating sparks with Hu Jun

[Ent.Qianlong 23/08/2011]

Yesterday, the 50 episode historical epic [Legend of Yuan Empire Founder] helmed by Hong Kong golden director Xu Xiao Ming, comprising of stellar stars such as Hu Jun, Charmaine Sheh, Wu Yue, Tang Guo Qiang, Gao Fa, Ray Lui etc held a press conference at The Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Director Xu, Hu Jun, Wu Yue etc kickstarted the ceremony by posing with great archer bow and revealed the mysterious poster for the series. The series accumulated investment of $150 million and narrates about the heroic founding of Yuan Dynasty.

Popular actress Charmaine Sheh attracted many questions during the press conference; whether her filming fees exceeded the rumored $10 million; whether she has a wealthy boyfriend worth $1 billion; being insulted by the term 3rd party.

Earlier during interview, Charmaine indicate that the foremost requirement of her future partner is whether they can communicate and spend time happily together. Love is not built on the basis of money, as long as his mindset is mature and can take care of her. He also cannot be a married man. In addition, Charmaine shares her experience in real estate investment; "Buying house is very good, because it would not change much. At most its just the market value increases or decreases. There is nothing wrong finding a good husband, but people will change."

Portraying Kublai Khan childhood sweetheart and lifelong Empress, Charmaine really likes this female character which is not only beautiful and wise, but also knowledgeable in ruling the country. She also agrees with the Empress viewpoint in love and does not deny that Kublai Khan is the ideal husband. Though her character in the series doesn’t take part in concubines fighting, Charmaine expressed confidence: "This is my first time collaborating with Director Xu and Hu Jun. It gives me a fresh feeling and I hope to create sparks."

Additional translation from Chongqing Shang Pao 重庆商报:

In [Empire], Charmaine will be portraying Empress Chabi. She was rumored to receive over $10 million for this series, making it $200,000 per episode. This set a new record for Hong Kong actors in Mainland China and there were rumors that she is earning twice more than the leading actor; Hu Jun. During the press conference, Charmaine express that she is satisfied with her filming fees: "Of course I am happy!"

With the investment of $150 million, it has far exceeded the cost of another grand production [3 Kingdoms]. In this figure, $10 million alone is for Charmaine’s filming fees. Director Xu said: "In order to invite Charmaine, additional investment is given with the skyhigh fees of 8 figure sum. However, she is definitely worth more than this fee. I have always admired her. She is the best candidate to portray Empress Chabi." Director Xu also revealed: "In the series, Charmaine will have nearly 30 sets of specially designed costumes worth nearly 7 figure sum." Due to schedule conflict, Charmaine could only start filming next month. "She is currently wrapping up another series. I decided to accommodate her schedule and film the others first."

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