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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Charmaine Sheh entering the palace again in [The Legend of Yuan Empire Founder] with great wisdom, no palace scheming

[Ent Sina 17/08/2011]

Put together TVB 1st Sister Charmaine Sheh along the words of "Palace", "Queen" etc. and one will immediately think of the manipulative, palace scheming series. Under the direction of renowned Hong Kong director Xu Xiao Ming, the soon to be filmed historical epic [The Legend of Yuan Empire Founder] main leading female role; Empress Chabi kept Charmaine afar from palace scheming. Instead, Charmaine is transformed into a legendary woman with beautiful, farsighted and wise in politics. Together with Kublai Khan (Hu Jun), they spent a lifetime together.

Charmaine Sheh, the spokesperson of palace scheming

Since [War & Beauty] debut 7 years ago, the series experienced immense popularity among Hong Kong series fans and was hailed as a classic. The collaboration of Charmaine Sheh, Sheren Tang and Gigi Lai showcased a remarkable portrayal of manipulation and backstabbing between the women of inner palace and started the trend of palace scheme genre. Not long ago, Charmaine portrayed the kind, sacred Lau Sam Ho in [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]. Her gentle and graceful demeanor kept the audiences engaged. However, in the upcoming [Legend], though Charmaine 'entered' the palace again, there will not be any palace scheming. Instead, she held onto Hu Jun’s heart with her farsighted wisdom.

Portraying a legendary lady, not scheming palace

Accordingly, Charmaine will be portraying Empress Chabi in the series, whom is a legendary person in history. In the records of [Yuan History], Chabi is a crucial assistant during the early reigns of Kublai Khan. She has a kind, empathetic personality; good in distinguishing between right and wrong, and does thing wholeheartedly. Hence, she is the only woman in Kublai Khan's orda who earned a memorial tablet in the Imperial Ancestral Temple. Her demise brought great sorrow to Kublai, whom also passed away shortly after. This (Kublai Khan passing) brought major upheavals in China.

Hu Jun reaps in both love and career

Using history records as benchmark, [Legend] set out to enhance the love story between Kublai Khan and Empress Chabi. "Hu Jun" and "Charmaine" (their roles) relationship is profound – both of them grew up as childhood friends. They supported each other through good and bad times until the end of their lives. Though Kublai Khan has romantic liaisons with many women in the series, Empress Chabi remained his most beloved woman. Not only this, she is Kublai Khan capable assistant and contributed to the founding of Yuan Dynasty.

Do not repost.

Sehseh: Hurray, Charmaine is the 1st leading actress in [Legend]! It was quite unexpected for a multimillion Mainland China production to cast a non-Mainlander as their lead actor/actresses. The press conference will be held on August 22nd. Hopefully, we will be able to see Charmaine's pictures in Mongolian costumes. The series will be partially filmed in Hengdian, and also Duolun County (Inner Mongolia).


Qingwa said...

Hurray, great news of the year.

Looking forward to see Charmaine in Mongolian costumes too.

I’m thinking of Charmaine when she participated in MHK 1997.

alicechen said...

EEKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Sehseh! I'm so excited for our girl!

Mongolian costumes are extremely pretty and appealing to me so I'm looking forward to her dazzling transformation.

Thanks for the updates, as always. :)

hester said...

Congrats to Charmaine for landing first female lead in a major Mainland production.

Very good fortune and shows Charmaine's market value in China. :)

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