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Friday, August 05, 2011

[Can't Buy Me Love] promotion in Mainland China

Charmaine Sheh's interview: Leftover bachelorette? Forever youthful at heart

[Sina Ent 05/08/2011]

Last year TVB rating champion series [Can't Buy Me Love] will be airing in Zhejiang soon. The series consisted almost 90% original cast from the series [Beyond the Realm of Conscience]. Yesterday, 'Princess Chiu Yeung' Charmaine Sheh, ‘Fu Ma’ Moses Chan, 'Maid' Fala Chen and 'Mother-in-law' Susanna Kwan arrived in Zhejiang to promote the series. Charmaine; who was formerly TVB beloved ‘biological daughter’ has finally moved her career to Mainland China market. Regarding her two year contract fee of HKD15 million, Charmaine only smiled and did not deny nor admit it. Mentioning her romantic life, ex-flame Benny Chan has already got married - yet Charmaine the upcoming leading actress for drama version of [If You Are the One] is still enjoying her bachelorette status.

Once the most doted artiste by TVB executives, Charmaine was rumored to be dissatisfied with TVB giving the TV Queen award to non-management contract artistes; Sheren Tang for two years in a row. Hence, she moved her career to Mainland China. There were also rumors that an agency in Mainland China offered HKD15 million as her management company for two years. In a short period, Charmaine has already filmed a TV series and her advertisements for beverage and skincare can be seen everywhere. Yesterday, Charmaine softly smiled and denied that she has left TVB: "I didn't leave TVB, I merely changed our collaboration format which is per series filming contract." Charmaine revealed that she is currently filming TVB new series [4 in Love] with Moses Chan in Hong Kong. However, she also frankly admitted that she has signed with a Mainland China agency. As for whether she received HKD15 million for a two year contract, she keep it mysterious and laughed: "It's a secret!" Regarding her career advancement in Mainland China, Charmaine appeared to be enthusiastic: "Coming to Mainland China this year, I find that it's really different from Hong Kong. I discovered a new direction." She also revealed that she really wants to collaborate with director Zhang Yi Mou as she admires his talent in delving into a woman's thought.

(Wrong info from Sina article, I’m replacing with Charmaine's excerpt in 钱江晚报)

Asked she will prioritize her career in Mainland China, Charmaine replied that she will continue to accept filming offers in Hong Kong and Mainland China, as long as there are good scripts. In September, Charmaine will be going to Hengdian (filming studio in Mainland China) to film a costume series. Apart from this series, Charmaine will be challenging the drama version of [If You Are the One]. She will be portraying the leading female character "Xiao Xiao". Charmaine revealed that she has watched the movie version and loved the character. The series was supposed to film earlier this year with overseas scenes in Japan, but due to tsunami disaster, they are now looking for other alternatives. As for filming fees, Charmaine gave a satisfied smile and acknowledge that it is higher than Hong Kong.

Though [Can't Buy Me Love] is a costume comedy series, it chose a different English title (the direct translation from the Chinese title means 'The Arrival of the Princess') with meaning that money can't buy one love. Thinking about it, a lot of modern ladies make financial capability as one of the criteria in choosing husband. Charmaine accepts this, saying "Everyone's condition is different, therefore they have different requirements. However, I do not believe that money can buy love. If that is the case, I would have gotten married early on."

In TVB, Charmaine had rumors with Chilam Cheung, Benny Chan, Kevin Cheng, Ron Ng etc. Earlier, she was even rumored to be dating a younger Mainland China real estate tycoon. Charmaine laughed that she is currently single: "I am prioritizing my work at the moment and I won't be dating in the coming year. Even if I am to date, he has to touch my feelings in the right time and setting before I can accept him." Benny Chan; the only ex-flame Charmaine acknowledge has just gotten married. Charmaine indicate that she has already congratulated him via SMS. Asked about the terminology of 'leftover ladies', the 36 years old Charmaine smiled: "Being happy is most important. Leftover or not, my heart will always be youthful."

With the 'Princess' crossing over to Mainland China, Moses Chan the 'Fu Ma' in TVB did not conceal his envy. "Charmaine earn a lot more in Mainland China compared to us. I'm envious." Replacing Bowie Lam position as TVB 1st Brother in recent years, Moses has no plan to expand his career in Mainland China. Early this year, Moses has recovered from his split from Bernice Liu and is currently dating Miss Hong Kong Aimee Chan. There are even rumors of 'lightning marriage'. Asked by media if there is any 'good news' soon, Moses face blushed with embarrassment. After keeping silent for half day, Moses finally joked: "Good news? Us coming to promote the series are good news!" Hearing this, Charmaine couldn’t help but tease him: "Such a cliché answer!" Moses revealed that his relationship is progressing smoothly but said that marriage date will depend on fate.

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