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Friday, July 29, 2011

New series info: 《踮起脚尖吻到爱》

Image Hosted by Mainland China production house is really terrible when it comes to impromptu poster... Anyway, it's announced via Huayi production that it will be filming in Shanghai. The series is originally titled [Model], and now has changed to 《踮起脚尖吻到爱》 (directly translated as 'Kissing Love on Tiptoe').

Translated summary from the poster above:

The love story between female manager and male model

One evening, Hua Lian, a female manager of a modelling agency find a drunk guy passed out on her doorstep and obstructing the path to get into her home. The next morning, she realized the guy was a former basketball star who is now a male model named Qing Yao. In addition, he lives right across her.

Qing Yao becomes the lifesaver of Hua Lian, who almost lost her job. Her task is to convince Qing Yao to sign with her agency, or risk getting fired. Though struggling economically, the arrogant Qing Yao refused to give Hua Lian a chance.

Suddenly, Qing Yao ex-girlfriend Qian Wei appeared again. She dumped Qing Yao due to family order and the reason why he was so depressed. However, he refused to let Qian Wei sees his failure and told her that Hua Lian is his new girlfriend.

Hence, the fake lovers begins a new life. They manage to find themselves again and in the process, falling in love for real.

Do not repost.

Image Hosted by It's quite obvious that Charmaine's character will be Hua Lian, since it's already known from the start that her role will be a manager in a modelling agency. I'm a little surprised that Godfrey Gao is no longer in the series, because the title suits him (standing on your toes to kiss someone, because he is really tall). In fact, the series title sounds like a manga. LOL... But nevertheless I'm still glad Kim Jung Hoon is casted as the leading actor as his acting has already matured since his Goong days. Plus, he's such a cutie!

Update: Charmaine is no longer taking part in this project, but another costume series.


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1 comment:

Shailene said...

I really wanted her to take on this series because I noticed that HK dramas are not based on love but on other things. I wanted to see her chemistry with male actors.

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